March 11, 2018 – Butterflies and Magic Hats; Industrious Transformation in the River of Life

MOON comes (apogee) – at 1:11 am pst [furthest point from the earth]. This is an alchemical stretch, of our emotional body, for the betterment of all.

MARS TRINE URANUS [4:23 am pst] is a spontaneous happening, new idea or revolution all in one morning, day or hour.magic-25744_640

SUN SEXTILE PLUTO can empower even the smallest fly on the wall, or ourselves. May we “manage this shining power, well,” . . . all day long.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE by [7:43 am pst] invites the intimate spiritual path into the intimate personal moon. its a powerful spiritual sunday!

MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO [9:15 pm pst] intiting more power now into the feminine, especially into the night, as we wane toward the dark, and then new moon.

New Moon is in Pisces on March 17th, [6:11 am pst] Its a SAINT clover-1185568_640PATRICKS DAY NEW MOON! and we step outside of the ecilpse portal phase of the new year, this new moon is one step clearer of the shakey challenging, death and shadow clearing time. Realignment for all is underway and this new moon, will offer each of us a new step in the new direction, after the “fall of the old,” in our lives and our world in the areas of greatest growth and change.

phoenix-2100458_640SUN SEXTILE MOON [10:44 pm pst, 11:44 pm mst/ 12:44 am cst/ 1:44 am est] like a great late night dance, even as the eclipse phase wanes, the old world dies, and the sky is eternally beautiful, springtime is coming, in the ashes of the old, phoenixes are hidden everywhere. 
.. . . .
Our Spiritual Sunday sets sail into the week ahead. We have new inspiration, and even in the waning old empire collapse, we have new life coming. . .  . new life.
. . . . . .
bless all the new seeds within each one, each garden, each soul soil.

Author’s Note:
Donations needed to feed the pack during transition in location. Thank you so much for your support through time.