March 6, 2018 – Balancing Power Grace

clover-1109014_640Today MOON is still in power-curious Scorpio, in a triangle of good luck and inspiration! . . . providing little manifestations reflecting steps we’ve taken!

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE, and TRINE the SUN provide a “good mood kinda day!”

fire-298115_640Venus moves water to fire, joining sky-powow-buddy Mercury in Starter-fire: Aries. [3:45 pm pst]

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO, in the evening, [8:12 pm pst], for a power-balancing maneuver alchemically placed, as if “the fabric of life,” is taking care of us, and it is!

May we enjoy the light supportive quality of today, even in a deep Scorpio Moon.

. . . . .
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