March 5, 2018 – Scorpio moon ; Where’s the money; Where’s the power?

MOON entered Scorpio this morning. [5:23 am pst]. Scorpio is the sign where power is worked out. Where’s the money ? And where is the power?

Today we may be challenged to work out “right and appropriate relationships”, related to money and to power.

Balancing power happens when all parties involved feel that money and power is being handled well. Often these are the areas of disagreement: people with imperfect or untrained egos tend to misuse power or take too much or not tend enough to the other side.

Scorpio is the place where we negotiate for right will, right use of power and correct boundaries. May we seek balance and fairness in our dealings.

May we join forces in calling out corruption or misuses of power. Can we balance the sides?

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [7:31 pm pst] is a grounding support for our business and money tales.

MERCURY leaves watery Pisces for Aries this evening [11:34 pm pst]. Our communications just could “go to the head,” as Aries rules the head. Aries Mercury is ready for all our new beginnings!

JUPITER is slowing down to station to go retrograde on Thursday March 8th. This will give us all a chance to go back over our recent past and find all the unopened gifts we received recently! JUPITER will be retrograde until July 10, 2018- when we can expect the financial system in our country to have made some adjustments and revisions. This is a time to revision how we receive our abundance in life!