March 2, 2018 – Day After Full Moon: Incoming abundance; emotional big waters; communications challenge!

MERCURY TRINE JUPITER [5:05 am pst] sets the day with a tone of upliftment and abundance coming in.

MOON aspects so many planets today; we’ll have an adventure of feelings all day.


At the end of the day; the FULL MOON OPPOSITE VENUS; planet of love!

All day long the full moon flowers and alchemizes all our fears, hopes, desires and needs. May we appreciate the mysterious eclipse-like-mixes-of events that heal and unwind, unweave and reweave; all along : tending to our fabric of life in mysterious ways.

The universe loving each of us: in these mysterious ways.

. . .

Authors Note:

So much happening. I fell and hurt my knee so am on crutches and having to ask for some help and slow down. Darrein is up tending to the whole wolf pack while I have one little wolf with me ; helping me with my injured knee by howling whenever she wants to come in or go out. A beautiful singing howl. Nova is her name ; Lomi’s daughter. I especially notice : I was moving sooo fast; trying to do sooo much at once; the slowing down of my knee injury has been revelatory. Much love. May we all “slow down,” to a biological pace.

Donations for moving ; location and fencing needed: please pass the word: