March 1, 2018 – Full Moon in the sign of the wounded healer

VENUS TRINE JUPITER Pre-dawn (3:22 am pst) is an aspect of love expansion and abundance coming in. May we allow ourselves to receive this universe-grace.

ALMOST FULL MOON TRINE SATURN; we can make conscious productive steps today toward our real life goals.

FULL MOON is [at 4:51 pm pst/ 5:51 mst/ 6:51 cst/ 7:51 est] in Virgo. This Virgo/Pisces aspect brings up our areas of “reality versus our imagination” and healer heal thyself. Virgo loves DETAILS. With Virgo ; problems are solved by taking care of the next tiny detail at a time. Pisces is opposite this. It holds sweeping visions of beauty, without the details or the “how” : Pisces blesses, prays, creates visions and miracles. Virgo doesn’t do much do “imaginal world,” rather it’s all about the reality before us.

May we take care of the details that are in alignment with our imagination. May we cleanse false fears, let go of the ways we’ve been criticized and forgive (Pisces)-where the sun is now.