February 26, 2018 – Ooooh Creative Fun, Expansion, Catharsis, Shift of Perspective

goal-shadow girl in sunset doorwayToday we are in a sweet harmony in the early am, MOON TRINE VENUS, with an “impending death,” feeling at the same time, MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO, really, its not a death, its just a “shift of perspective,” or a choice, however it might “feel like death,” to the ego. 

MOON TRINE JUPITERfour-leaf-clover-978544_640[9:17 am pst/ 10:17 am mst/ 11:17 am cst/ 12: 17 pm est] offers grace as soon as we “make another choice,” expand, open to the “good luck potential,” like a four leaf clover at our feet.

lightning-bolt-768801_640MOON SQUARE URANUS [1:51 pm pst] is a corner of shocking change, that we choose. If we want to direct a bolt of lightning, where is it needed?

MOON enters the VOID until this evening, from this aspect on, today, a wacky, humorous, uranian kind of VOID, between mama Cancer and Wilderness-Loving Leo.

Moon enters Leo, departing the slippery in-between VOID, entering courage, strength and creative power. [8:42 pm pst].lion-1141303_640