February 25, 2018 – Mars Venus Work with Healing Communications: Some Kinda Poetry!

snow-leopard-1985510_640MOON is in mama Cancer, nurturing us from the fabric of life, and calling us to self nurture, and nuture the others in our life.

Today MARS and VENUS are SQUARE! [4:01 am pst/ 5:01 am mst/ 6:01 am cst/ 7:01 am est] The archetypal Masculine and Feminine are at a corner, perhaps “seemingly at odds,” or simply we are revealing the work there before us: this is the work, says the happenings of today related to masculine and feminine, or action and receptivity, or how we give and output, and how we receive “input.”

watercolor-3173964_640MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [4:25 am pst] is a watery communications aspect of communicating delicately, in-tune, divinely connected, communicating with spirit or music or while on a river. This is all healing. In sync, its a good time for painting, writing poetry, or letting creativity “flow,” today.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:40 am pst/ 7:40 am mst/ 8:40 am cst/ 9:40 am est} is a higher connection between masculine and feminine. Its the “masculine light,”(the sun), connecting with the “feminine light,” (the moon.) As they dance, they uplift the sexes, and the way we relate.

planet-3151724_640MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [6:52 am pst] is another aspect to add to our early morning weather-stew. This one has us feeling a limitation, tired, or critisized, by the critical mind. This is a call to “overcome all limitations and untruths that may try to stick to us today.”

[9:48 am pst] is a solar aspect of grounding, seed-planting, as we are still in a crescent phase, moon waxing from the deep dark underground, from the shaken-up-eclipse-territory. This is a “rising out of the darkness into the light,” kinda aspect. Also there is enough light, to “overcome the obstacles of today.”

durian-seed-2701644_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [5:51 pm pst] this evening, is a soothing, harmonizing aspect of good food and healing water.

MOON TRINE MERCURY (with NEPTUNE) [7:49 pm pst/ 8:49 pm mst/ 9:49 pm cst/ 10:49 pm est] reminds us of the power of good music, or dancing, painting or singing. May we treat ourselves with Neptune’s best medicine tonight:fantasy-3017693_640

“Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. And live like it’s heaven on Earth.”
 – Mark Twain

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
azlanwithlilkunaThough both myself and the wolf pack are still rising out of what feels like some form of “oppression,” . . . I feel hopeful, as the energies are really lifting us now. There are still messy pieces, and we are still in a transitional space with a lot of complicated politics around it, however I can feel the energy lifting and pieces coming together from all over the place, like the fragments the eclipse dug up and threw out are settling a little more each day. Though the pack feels like we are in “too small of a pen, too small of a space,” its a transition, from the running free space, and we are working on the next better space now! Things are unwinding or coming back together in a better way now. We’ve upgraded the pack’s food since the move. They are receiving a good de-wormer in the water and probiotics in their food.
. . . We have several immediate wolf-pack-needs: please contribute whenever you can, and pass the word: 
www.GoFundMe.com/WolfHeart- We Thank You! and We Love You! Aooooooowwwwwwwww.