February 23, 2018 – Squares show us Our Life’s Work Before us

SUN in Pisces SQUARE MOON in Gemini- from the midnight beginning of this day : has us feeling the corners where the tension lives.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [9:51 am pst] is an emotional communications square. Our communications work as according to our emotional heart is revealed before us. Words and emotions are all needing attention.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE – [3:28 pm pst] can add emotional tension; it’s about spiritual work. What spiritual work is calling us in this afternoon corner?

MOON SQUARE VENUS – [8:25 pm pst] is awkward for all of us. It’s a corner of calls to nurture. Everyone needs extra tenderness on this square-filled day of corners and emotional tension. The tension reveals our work now and ahead.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS: [9:57 pm pst] is a potentially charged active emotional body who may need action, tending, or active reconciliation of old wounds from separation-consciousness-based-words and actions from the past. Our multi-dimensional beings are in active restructuring and healing of our past today.

We are a tribe of nature-made beings and nature can guide us toward balance. Mars’ highest expression is an embodiment of forces of nature that move us.

May this day of squares show our work and may we rise into the tasks before us knowing grace will follow our calm focused attention.

. . .

Authors Note:

Who wants to learn astrology? It’s a wonderful tool of consciousness skill for every day!

We’re in big re-arranging now with the wolf pack; we are calling for the support to cover the changes at our current location as well as planning the location past this one. Please pass the word on our GoFundMe campaign!