February 20, 2018 – Slow Start; Work Harmony

Still in the eclipse field, we are all still feeling the potentially discombobulating, yet also forward moving changes going on! Things are re-arranging!

green-sea-turtle-3116202_640This morning starts slow–in the VOID MOON MORNING.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries (at 3:11 am pst), pre-dawn, sends the moon into a morning VOID between Aries and Taurus. Uranian energy is electrical and invisible. It brings in the “wild nature,” into everything.

MOON enters earthy Taurus from the VOID at (11:12 am pst) finding harmony and beauty.

equality-2110598_640MOON SEXTILES SUN (3:16 pm pst) for harmony between the two poles of masculine and feminine. This is a sweet refreshing sextile, coming off the shakey wakey ecilpse!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY (9:12 pm pst) is another harmony-making aspect of healthy communications.

MOON TRINE SATURN (11:14 pm pst) tonight has the whole day heading for grounding and wholeness. The kind of feeling when all the rubber-duck-1401225_640ducks are in a row and swimming together.

May all your ducks work together today, and may the harmony and grace of this day carry us all day long.

Author’s Note:

wolf-1426132_640It snowed in New Mexico last night, leaving white and windy cold outside. Its nice to be inside by a fire at a friends, working on the computer. Though we are still in the midst of moving, I’m fitting readings in whenever we can! The readings are revolutionary and helpful in all directions. Contact me (azlanwhite@gmail.com) to connect for a reading. Astrology School is still being built. Its exciting to create something that is more solid–a real place of easy learning simple Astrology, for all of you.

I am looking at a new placeducks-3162478_640today stay near Santa Fe–with the potential of building a wolf pen and house there. Meanwhile Darrein (co-Director and care-taker of the wolf pack), continues to work on the Maine location. We are exploring a Pecos location and a few others! Its location hunting season! We are raising money now to cover the move-in-costs and fencing for the next New Mexico location. We will be able to take some fencing parts with us from old location fencing to new location. Any donations now go toward the new location. We appreciate your support. “It takes a village to hold a wolf pack,” and this village needs a new location where a community can develop over time, and where you and others will be welcome and have places to stay while visiting us.

We are working on our Donor-Box system. I’ll be including links for DonorBox soon–where you can make monthly donations. Please consider a monthly contribution and pass the word on our wolf sanctuary campaign!