February 17, 2018 – Fire, Water and Supernatural Forces

pace-bend-park-950189_640Pre-Dawn, MARS SQUARES NEPTUNE {3:20 am pst}, inviting action in an odd, almost passive aggressive way, from side-kicks, and wishful thinking. This aspect is wishing to “kick out,” all that does not belong in the sacred inner ring, of our lives. It invites in, right action, right use of power, and the ability to negotiate through changes with others, via healthy ability to each see each other’s side–if possible. If not possible, we see our own side, and the more we can have compassion for “the other side,” the more we can “go with the flow of time” in a way that is nourishing for ourselves and others. If it doesn’t fit in our choice for today, or this life, anymore, we can let it go. (this may be much on a spirit and invisible level, though clearing is on all levels now.)

nature-3156241_640Most of what we are “kicking out,” is our “unhealthy superstition,” judgements, doubts, fears, and anything that is “sticky.” Its time to be more fluid and accepting of God’s Will, as this aspect calls in its highest, can we unhook our will from a previous “more sticky” power and hook it to the will of the Divine; or: the “will of the Christos,” or Christed consciousness?

In its lower this aspect [MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE] brings up fears of deception and deception itself. It is a tricky kind of illusive aspect that can appear to have “mal intent,” though we all know that any direct mal intent out can come back to haunt any traveler. This is a powerful time for healing all that is not “right divine action,” at this time.

castle-1255846_640SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY {4:27 am pst} is a re-ignition of communications, solar, and creative power. It is also a re-ignition of our own “supernatural human and godly power.”  . . . .in these times . . . . We can write, publish, express and “be our individual communicative selves,” this year, like a dog. We can howl, we can bark, we can wag our tail. (and publishing books is almost as common as barking these days and is a pleasurable sun conjunct mercury human potential). May your book be a best seller, as soon as it hits the sun! . . . even if it is a pie, or a garden.

lantern-714193_640MOON SEXTILE  PLUTO {9:49 am pst} ooooh so deep, oh so feeling, oh so transitional, ooooh . . . .so ultimately UNKNOWN. We must have faith, and then it is all ok. We can be clear, visualize what we want, . . . when we touch this PLUTO power place, we touch THE GREAT UNKNOWN power. May we “see” into the unknown, our own hermit’s heart-light–clearly.

MOON TRINE JUPITER {2:13 pm pst} is a wonderful intention, new-beginning, uplifting light sending itself into all dark places, to clear, enliven and bring nourishment and light. It can be so bright on the “other side of this eclipse,” that all the boogies, on all levels, are running scared, as we are all lifted into brighter light. We are letting go of more fear, allowing the goodness in!

dandelion-3094349_640MERCURY into Pisces, brings us into more tea time, garden, sweet, seed-planting, pre-spring tenderness time. May we communicate like seedlings now.

This sweet pre-spring, post solar eclipse phase brings us into the waxing delicate life and death creation time of the pre-spring-time. We are all like little seeds and fresh awakening gardens.

FULL MOON in Virgo is March 1st.rose-3099939_640We wax and grow, opening like a tiny seed, looking toward a bursting bright sun, and push forward.