February 16, 2018 – HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Welcome to the time of the EARTH DOG

dog-2702649_1280Like a Dog, the element of earth is stable, consistent, devoted, humble, honest and steady. It is reasonable, practical and good-willed, willing to walk a long journey one small step at a time, enjoying the presence of each step along the way. The Earth Dog Year we step into is bringing qualities we need at this time. In the wheel of time, when it comes time for the season, usually it is the medicine for the previous season, so too this Earth Dog Year is medicine for all of us and for the earth, it will enhance all of our human-to-earth-connectedness.

May we all enjoy this tail-wagging-time-ahead!
May we all increase loyalty and good-will, playfulness and steady trustworthiness. May we find our pack and move to the next best location!
. . . .

MOON is in Pisces now, sensitive soft and filled with pink blossoms. The eclipse seemed potentially more gentle than other eclipses in the past, filled with tender promise and the kind of transition that is like a seed to flower to fallen leaf. Death and Rebirth can be pleasant if it slows down to an every day tea time in the middle of it all.

blossom-1174006_640MOON CONJUNCT VENUS this morning {8:36 am pst} opens a sweet feminine abundant creative window of energy. This energy is like a pink cherry blossom within. May we rest and feel this grace and bliss of venus’ soft kiss this day.

MOON SQUARE MARS {8:11 pm pst} is a corner of raw aggressive overcoming energy. We have the power to rise up and overcome challenges. We may need to solve problems or move our butts, as a adventure-1807476_640result of this little evening corner, and its a good problem-solving action-taking action this friday night. Like nature always knows what to do, so to do we.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE (in Pisces) {8:31 pm pst} where Neptune has been hanging in his own sign, enjoying the renewal of water planet in water sign. fantasy-2762571_640MOON touches all this water. May the waters of life nourish the seedlings we are all planting now in this New Moon, New Year of stable devotion.

. . . . .
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