February 15, 2018 – Catharsis Rebirth, New Life like a wet baby, hitting cold air, DEEP BLESSINGS in the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius !

desert-tortoise-987972_640The pre-eclipse aspects of the morning are wonderful accents on a transformative portal, that carries oh so much grace in the midst of the seemingly chaotic or ongoing changes we keep facing.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [4:00 am pst/ 5:00 am mst/ 6:00 am cst/ 7:00 am est] starts the morning off with EXPAND, Expand, release old limitations, and Expand more. Its time to stretch upon waking this morning! S-T-R-E-T-C-H into our newly arriving new world skin.

be-511555_640MERCURY SEXTILE URANUS [7:07 am pst/ 8:07 am mst/ 9:07 am cst/ 10:07 am est] amidst the eclipse energy, of death/rebirth, brings a stroke of good luck, a hand of grace, divine intercession, a landscape for miracle-making. This aspect, also points out how transforming our words and thoughts can be when focused with tenderness and care in every situation.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [9:40 am pst/ 10:40 am mst/ 11:40 am cst/ 12:40pm est] is another touch of magic and grace from an invisible world.

clasped-hands-541849_640MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [10:06 am pst], just before the SOLAR ECLIPSE is a message about the impact and potential for constant changing, that our voice has, and the importance of our words, thoughts and the way we communicate with others, as we move forward. We are amidst a communications UPGRADE, on many levels at once! May we think with the heart and use more intelligence with each spoken act.

eclipse-2666089_640 (1)NEW MOON (SOLAR ECLIPSE) MOON SUN CONJUNCTION; [1:06 pm pst/ 2:06 pm mst/ 3:06 pm cst/ 4:06 pm est] sends the MOON into the VOID for the rest of the day. This ECLIPSE portal has been with us for a wide range of 30-90 days and a tiny range of most impact, in the ten days before and three days after. The next three days are impactful deep days of shakey transition and change of frequency. Things “shaken up,” are now “shaking down,” pieces tossed are finding new places and settling into a new order.

night-3084237_640VENUS SEXTILE SATURN – [3:19 pm pst/ 4:19 pm mst/ 5:19 pm cst/ 6:19 pm est] is a maturing aspect for feminine authority and power. There is leadership and organizing work ahead. The Feminine is having a “movement,” within that is calling her into more leadership, and planning, implementing and structuring the world around her so it can become more like the World she dreams of.

budding-200989_640MOON leaves the eclipse sign of Aquarius and enters Pisces at 6:41 pm pst/ 7:41 pm mst/ 8:41 pm cst/ 9:41 pm est]. It also leaves the VOID from the eclipse time [1:05 pm pst]. Now the slippery post eclipse VOID can ground into water, nurturing and the waters of new birth.

This is a deep dark time of alchemy and rest. May we be gentle with each other, honor the quiet mysterious places, and allow the low energy to be a nourishing place of meditation, nomatter what we are doing, we can be in meditation. 
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
On my dark moon valentines day, I had to ask my family and closest allies to help me to save my personal belongings because I’ve sacrificed my whole life for this wolf pack, and I have nothing on me, except a few thrift store bought clothes, my computer and phone, a toothbrush and a few other necesseties like shampoo and that is it. Not that we need anything else–I’m sure that we don’t–and its a really weird feeling when your storage unit is auctioned off . . . .I’ve experienced that and this time on this unit, I get to go through my own things and distill, pare down, eliminate. So I know this was an alchemical Valentine’s Day, and is an alchemical purge eclipse, that is gentle, in its orders for “death and rebirth,”  I (and we) have been given “cleansing clearing orders,” and time to move the animals, time to go through storage. That time is a great gift. When it isn’t there, it hurts. So I’m grateful to the time we are given here on this earth, to live each day. I’m grateful for the moments of life, in the strange interconnected weave we have here together. Thank you all for this sacred life.

I see that there is a LOT that must be let go of (my personal story of cleaning out storage and moving the wolf pack) is a reflection of the larger story of movement and cleaning out the old.

We (the big WE) are being called to community, especially now, and we are going there, (it appears blindly and led by spirit,) sometimes I think it would be nice if we all walked there consciously instead. May the wild winding paths of interconnectedness, lead us to right community and right livelihood, home and place. 

wolves-1400819We need help feeding the wolves for the next few days, as all money went to saving storage yesterday! Please contribute ANY amount, if you can: (every amount helps!) to this link: www.Paypal.me/starlove