Dark Moon Valentine Eclipse Portal – Purifying our Hearts


father-and-son-2258681_640HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY to all the parts of self! The little one deep inside that just wants everything good, the adult who wants romance, the one who loves chocolate–may they all have attention.

The MOON has entered Aquarius, (yesterday morning)–the sign of the upcoming NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE!

MOON is SEXTILE MARS this morning [6:29 am pst/ 7:29 am mst/ 8:29 am cst/ 9:29 am est]. With an eclipsing MOON, and a big release of all the old stuff, this is an action point for all the “little deaths,” and the big changes of this cycle–they are in full action today.

child-3147809_640This ECLIPSE in Aquarius may have an effect of “dissolving our separateness,” and providing for us, unusual needs for community. We cannot do our lives alone, and we are not alone. In the realm of Aquarius, we are WITH COMMUNITY, and with this eclipse, it will provide circumstances for community to come together, to assist each other in this time of death and rebirth! The newness coming is more community oriented. Can you see how small losses, the information about changes or any destruction happening is guiding us toward more intimate, more authentic community engagement?

sun-382744_1280This NEW MOON ECLIPSE in Aquarius is tired of the old world, it is over, and we as human beings are so “conditionable,” that it is hard for us to “let go,” of all that we might hold onto, that is not of “where we are going,” . . . the eclipse wants us freed up to be a participant in the new world before us, the one we can’t quite see yet, but can see what it isn’t. In our vision, our intention, and our dedicated longing desires for healthy happy lives integrated in service, community and good food. This new world, this community oriented way of being, is coming. This eclipse is assisting to bring in more community. We may try to isolate, be totally self-sufficient, and the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE will invite us to “need others,” (in a healthy life-collaboration-kinda-way) and to share the intimacy of life with the others who are needed to make the shifts before us. Each one of us is in the shift, from old world to new, and it is a big shift, it causes many things, like home, relationships and work, to uproot and need to change.

May all the changes be fed by grace, and the knowing that what unseen manifestations are coming, are going to be a whole lot better than what is now. Today is an action day in the midst of the change!

nature-3106213_640HAPPY DEATH and REBIRTH, happy catharsis, and detox, happy purge and may the heart, be cleared, cleansed and released of all of its guilt, shame and “anything but the pure love of mother earth, and father sky.” We are truly loved by all of creation. Our inability to love each other is no reflection on our creator. We are learning to be more like our creator and that is “more loving,” more heart-centered, and more mind-released.

On this Dark Moon Purifying Valentine’s Day–may we make the special care it takes to cleanse and purify our heart, as that appears to be the call–to clean and clear our heart–of its past hurts. We can allow the love of all life, the universe and the heavens to come through us. May we know, nomatter what, that WE ARE LOVED so much, by so many beings around the galaxies who care about us. May we know we are loved by the earth, trees and water of life that feeds our cells. We are loved in ways we haven’t yet imagined, yet it is so. May we take in this love of the universe on the day of LOVE celebration! We are so LOVED! <3people-3147853_640

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
This eclipse has brought us the intense force of movement and change, rattling and shake-up, that eclipses bring to everyone. We are getting through it, with the whole pack, one day at a time. The whole pack escaped this morning, just in time for Valentine’s Day Eclipse day–they LOVE to RUN, so the good part is they were all SO HAPPY running free! However animal control came and one wolf went after a neighbor’s chicken, so the neighbor went after the wolf and then someone ran over her foot. This is the story I heard. We have not recovered this one white mama wolf named Katarina. Prayers for her, we do not know what has happened to her. I do not know if she is alive or dead. A volunteer is driving up to the pack with bones. Darrein has recaptured some of the pack and the bones will do the rest. We have to move and luckily it appears we have a little time, which is all we need. So all is well, though chaos is common especially at the dark of the moon. May all animals be allowed to run free one day and may this pack enjoy that moment of freedom on LOVE day!

Donations needed for everything! Bones, dogfood (until we have meat or other donations again), and the new fencing at the new location. We are looking for angels to manage elements of the sanctuary. One angel to help us with location, one to help us with transportation, and one to oversee food. If anyone is interested in assisting us with one aspect of what we do, we are looking for volunteer assistance!

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