February 12, 2018 – Awakening Breakthrough in the Eclipse Field

california-1768742_640This shake-upey time of change is super-charged–especially today–coming down to a dark time of the lunar cycle. This is often a quiet time in the cycle. This time the eclipse is a shake-up, transformation, death/rebirth energy, so it may not feel so restful of a time.

Partial Solar Eclipse is Thursday, Feb 15th in the afternoon. boat-3121156_640This is the waning few days, where the energy is detoxing, sickness is common, its time to let all the dross, un-needed fears, and clutter of belief, from deep in our system, rise up and clean out.

Today MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO–touching the break-down of old systems. PLUTO has been in Capricorn now a decade, transforming banking and all that we call “stable systems,” from the inside out, systems are collapsing continuously and still in the capricornian world of form we used to live in–in our “old world,” still crumbling before us.

heart-1192662_640MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [3:42 pm pst] is a “good luck” aspect, in the midst of a break-down, there is grace and good luck, expanded perspective and un-expected openings that follow closings.

[9:43 pm pst] can be an uncomfortable “wake-up,” aspect, demanding “change,” and “freedom from the old,” often in ways we didn’t expect. Letting go, and allowing things that change or fall away, to go, is the healthiest response.eye-462267_640It is natural to resist change or the loss of things. Loss is common for the eclipse field, however usually the losses come with deeper more soulful, balancing gains that we can look for as the losses come.

. . .
Author’s Note:
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