February 11, 2018 – Feet on Ground- entering the Cave of Change

forest-2423921_640MOON is grounding us in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and MOON is CONJUNCT the earth’s third-dimension-loving-SATURN [6:17 am pst/ 7:17 am mst/ 8:17 am cst/ 9:17 am est] is a ground, ground ground aspect. Feet on the ground, rooting. time. Sign of the earth and planet of earth, today we are earth.

sunset-3134238_640MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [9:08 pm pst/ 10:08 pm mst/ 11:08 pm cst/ 12:08 am late night est]. Once we have the “ground, and banks taken care of,” –then we can let ourselves and the river FLOW! We are invited this night to ally with the forces of nature as we head toward sleep, and pray for our lives to “go with the flow” of the grace we called to support us. It has arrived even if we can’t see it, and according to the starlit path, we can “go with the flow.”

winter-3132155_640Next week, we are in the last quarter, heading into the “darkest days,” before the dawn, of the SOLAR ECLIPSE on February 15th. This is a time of deep cleansing, and inside releasing of the old old, in preparation for renewal and rebirth.

Shiva Ratri, is Tuesday and Wednesday (13th and 14th)fantasy-3029542_640happening every year on the dark moon, just before the New Moon, birthing pre-spring. Shiva Ratri, an East Indian holy day celebrating the “God of destruction,” invites us to chant for 24 hours in the darkest moments, clearing away the decaying past. Shiva is like the sword that cuts through, shining with the light of truth and the power to transform darkness to light.

This crossing time
also marks the Chinese New Year crossing.
wolf-2234511_640This coming Chinese New Year is the YEAR of the EARTH DOG! 

Now we step down into a quiet dark time, into the cave of our heart’s fears, and unmet places, to clear them with light and warmth, reassurance that “winter and darkness,” is a passing moment in time. May we handle with kindness and care: the dark passages of time.

valentines-day-3135789_640May we keep safe our dreaming heart, through Dark passage in time, all the way through the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th, [at 1:05 pm pst/ 2:05 pm mst/ 3:05 pm cst/ 4:05 pm est].

Author’s Note: 
Video production is a little rough when doing it oneself, camera in hand. Here’s the latest sharing on GRR Inc. : in the year of the Earth Dog, its time for a new phase of Grrrrrrrrrrrowl! Divine Feminine Roar!

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