February 9, 2018 – Friday

sun-1459704_640In the eclipse field (between lunar and solar eclipse)–MOON in Sagittarius is SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces [at 8:04 am pst], in the morning, is a water corner. This can mean many things, however in general, the “small self,” does not always want to move in the same way that others around, or the “fabric of life,” are directing us. These kinds of corners, . . .pass, . . . and with a little ingenuity and flexibility, we find that its all in our best interest!

MERCURY is SEXTILE MOON, in the middle of the day, [12:32 pm pst/ 1:32 pm mst/ 2:32 pm cst/ 3:32 pm est] Mercury is coming into a position of deeper contact with us, so we are coming into contact with our own deep feelings, and communicating them, even just to ourself is a good idea. Communicating our feelings to “ourself,” is called “self-empathy,” in the practice of “non-violent communications,” (NVC). This is a good NVC aspect.