February 6, 2018 – Deep Space

sunset-3132179_640MOon Sextile SATURN early in the morning has today feeling like a day of parents. Inside we have parents, a father figure in consiousness, in our own way, and a mother figure, and they do whatever they did in our earlier child-hood–in our lives, inside our psyche’s. So today, the parents were duking it out in our mind, possibly, trying to maturely “take care of all the problems,” though worrying never works. Only creativity will work in these times, and it MUST replace worry–for me and for you!

MOON SQUARE MERCURYiskele-3049997_640 [3:45 pm pst, 4:45 pm mst] is a square corner of communications that are important to us–involving deep roots and/or our sense of deep home.

VENUS SEXTILE URANUS [5:37 pm pst/ 6:37 mst/ 7:37 cst/ 8:37 est] is a magical uplifting creative aspect. It sends us abundance feminine pleasure and the means to success. The URANUS can feel like support that “comes out of nowhere,” or out of “the invisible world.”  . . . . this evening has lightning flashes of electrical supportive energy to our mission. (whatever that may be that emanates as true longing from within, as our real mission).  italy-1587278_640Cheers to your and mine–authentic missions!

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE is a “little self” to “big Divine Self” water aspect. This time it is friendly, unlike the most recent day after eclipse NEPTUNE OPPOSITION to the MOON which may have felt overwhelming or like a task we cannot see is before us . . . . now things are a little tiny bit more clear, to the point where we can ally with the unknown before us, create create create with what we do know and surf the in-between, like little masters of time.

This evening has beautiful grace arriving to meet with the imagined stresses in our mind and day. May the evening soothe all worry in each of us . . . .may we surf on our creative pleasures and evening relaxations.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
See Tomorrow’s blog for details on Astrology School, readings, and a link to the wolf project.