February 5, 2018 – Still Transforming – In the 2018 Early Eclipse Field

cave-3087228_640 (1)For the last six or more years, we’ve been working with the death and rebirth/ changing of era’s aspect: PLUTO SQUARE URANUS. Each of us have been shaken up and in some cases “rudely awakened,” in ways we didn’t expect, by this square in our charts and lives. It is still going on!

Today’s aspect–for all of us, triggers this transformative SQUARE in our still transforming life! The VOID in the middle of the day is a transformative VOID heading us toward another power shift point as Scorpio is Square by sign to the cross (Leo Opposite Aquarius, where the Lunar and Solar Eclipses are taking place)

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [1:22 am pst] – Is a corner, early wee in the morning, we are facing death and the underbelly of something.  Sometimes the “underbelly needs cleaning.”

MOON TRINE VENUS [7:33 am pst] has the feminine dancing with the feminine in a sweet way.  Venus is coming forward, in our world. She has somethings to say and show.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [11:46 am pst] Inside we all know what is happening. Our intuitive function, an inner personal light carrier,worm-hole-3055929_640seeing the way ahead, flashes us insights, messages and visions of the future, so we know which way to go, even if we don’t yet know the details. We can see the changes needed, and can see which way to go.

Late morning, or afternoon on the east coast, [10:46 am pst]; as the MOON hits the VOID between Libra and Scorpio, there is a flash of insight, or two, preparing us, informing us, . . . toward the future. Void’s are awkward and better for completing old stuff, or returning things, . . . even our actions are only “redo’s,” completions of old things started before now, our insights are bright today, even inside the deep cavescave-2604672_640of the world!

MOON enters Scorpio,[7:46 pm pst] departing the VOID for some intense focused consciousness work. MOON is in the VOID all day until this evening tansit to the power-sign.

Facing the eclipse shake-up, {now between FULL MOON LUNAR and NEW MOON {partial} SOLAR ECLIPSE at the New Moon}, we face big shift energies! These can feel potentially daunting, and yet they are a clean sword cutting through, and cutting away all that has been “burdening us,” unecessarily. We can be happy to “let go of the possibly attached or fearful perspectives that have held us back,” Things that we thought “might never change,” or we “feared might never change,” might change during the eclipse energy! It is THAT POWERFUL! Where do you want change? it can happen here and now! . . . we can all have compassion for each others’ needs to MOVE and MAKE RADICAL CHANGES! . . . . . In the “eye of the storm,” or the “eye of the needle,” there is a calm place of peace with
Divine Sacred Heart-Centered Guidance–providing a deep sense of peace while walking through “the valley of the shadow of death,” as some call it! Blessings to all of us as we shed our deepest fears walking between eclipses. 

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: Thank you to all those who have been in touch. Things are moving under the surface of our wolf pack preparations to move again. We (myself and the wolf pack I care for, and the other co-director and his half of the pack, are all in “moving preparations,”). We know you–too are likely moving and so compassion and grace for the changes–all around!

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