February 2, 2018 – Big Water, Deep Roots

life-3089646_640MOON in “clean it up Virgo,” is OPPOSITE NEPTUNE in the morning, offering a big giant water obstacle, emotional movement, or a spilling of our inner cups of waters.

Its ok, its ok to accept that we are not perfect–that is the dark side of Virgo–the over-critical call to be something perfect. . . the light side can tend to our care one detail at a time, spiralling toward warmth, light and our imagined perfection, one toenail grooming moment at a time.

wave-3119401_640Its ok to cry, spill and even complain this morning because we are facing our emotional purge portal experience this morning.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is still nearby, and this MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE can be a meeting with large water energy. elephant-3117217_640
The whole day in between this water meeting, and the evening aspects, is a mysterious journey from a watery humility, toward more of our power if we will take that journey one step at a time.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [6:34 pm pst] offers an influx of graceful power or empowerment, rooted to the earth. Where we may have felt helpless, slippery or ungrounded, roots are going down in the name of what we’ve prayed for–this evening.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [8:38 pm pst] is another indicator for grace, through expansion, opening to a higher power, to more abundance, and to expanded states of gratitude and awareness. photoshop-2845779_640

By opening to forces greater than ourselves, meanwhile paying attention to each detail, step and dotted i or crossed t, one character, breath, word and step at a time, we cross from the old world to the new one coming–the one we create that is an expression of our heart and soul life.
. . .

Author’s Note:
world-3043067_640I’m so grateful to be walking on the edge of life on this earth. Each day I am faced with challenges, especially during the eclipse, i have had to stay so so vigilant to be surfing on top of the energy instead of falling to the underbelly of the eclipse. I’ve been praying a lot and holding a lot of vigilance. Walking with this pack challenges me to use all the resources of all kinds that I have, to protect them and carry them through time.

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