January 26, 2018 – Friday

Mars enters fiery Sagittarius, a place where Mars can be handled with care. There can be big ego’s and arrogance when Mars is in Sagittarius, so its good to remember the spirit of peace and soothing calming while Mars travels through fire. Activity, excersize and travel is all good during this active time of Mars.

MOON enters Gemini, airy, childlike and happy. Its time to have a little fun!
MOON OPPOSITE MARS brings charge. This is a good aspect for dancing and for transforming things through actions we take.

SUN TRINE MOON is a good strong alchemical link between masculine and feminine lights. We are all little combinations of lights that come together and make our consciousness, a light in the darkness of experiences that we make with our light in the fabric of life. Today is an alchemical day for our own benefit and harmonious joy.

Have a Fun Friday night and weekend! We are human wow!

January 25, 2018 – Thursday

MOON is still in earthy Taurus and now the MOON is rising toward FULLNESS more and more each day! Taurus likes to move slowly and feel grounded and secure. How can we nurture this part of ourselves today?

MERCURY SEXTILE JUPITER is a communications magic aspect. Our mouths are little wizards and with the Ecilpse shadowing near, people may be feeling an underlying fear or insecurity. The universal pendulum of change has begun to swing and there is chaos coming possibly. (just for a passage)—we will all get through it, and it is a passage of chaos at the Eclipse that will send out of balance all that needs “rebalancing.” The eclipses are “rebalancers,” but may first be seen as the chaos bringers who send things swinging and into their extremes. This is the beginning of the process of change. Today is a really good day to communicate.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE is a watery flow. Movement is graceful and natural today and its good to “go with the flow,” for the benefit of all.

MOON TRINE PLUTO is a power contact, once again calling us to be centered in our core power places. Rooted into the earth.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER in the evening is a “stretch,” usually we are called to question our own limited beliefs or the way that we are judgemental or critical toward others. Compassion is one of the biggest lessons for all of us this month and this year. (and even this human lifetime).

MOON TRINE MERCURY is the last earthy aspect today that is beneficial and supportive for grounding and organizing. The MOON heads into the VOID after this aspect in the evening (7:16 pm pst)


January 24, 2018 – Wednesday

MOON enters grounded Taurus where the leadership we saw and felt in the last two days can “hit the ground,” slowly. (5:39 am pst)

MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO is a higher self aspect. This is another “communiing with deep intuition day,” only different from the MOON CONJUNCT URANUS way of doing it that we had yesterday that can come “instantly,” the PLUTO flavor is deeper, more soulful and less identifiable. Sometimes we have to dig and feel into it to feel what is going on! However we may feel the deep rumblings of our desire to “connect.” This desire to “connect,” with our mercury to Pluto is a desire to connect to the divine at its most pure. We can write, channel or co-dialogue with others to reach the divine today and we may feel called in this direction.
MOON TRINE SATURN offers a good place for spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is a vessel in which we can become more intimate with the divine and this aspect gives us the practice muscle, while MERCURY PLUTO gives us the actual contact.

SUN SQUARE MOON is a cycle-shifting aspect as we move now into the second quarter of the lunar cycle, MOON now waning, (building light) toward the FULL MOON ECLIPSE coming.

MOON SQUARE VENUS at the end of the day (9:35 pm pst) is a slight tinge of “to-do,” and negotiation or problem solving. It’s a time to have compassion for diversity and differences as our most intimate others can still be very very different from us and like to do things differently. Its always good to respect and allow differences.

January 23, 2018 – Tuesday

MOON is still in leadership courageous Aries. SQUARE MERCURY in the morning and SQUARE PLUTO in the late morning. This means it is one of those days that could be challenging. People might trigger or challenge us this morning, and if they do, may we take a deep breathe and remember the power of silent prayer, invisible intention and our words of power when we do speak out loud.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in the fiery transformational energy we have cooking. If we don’t know what the eclipse at the end of the month brings yet, this aspect should give us insight, vision or a preparative glimpse at what the FULL MOON ECLIPSE may ask from us. This is a time for invention and change so if we see one needed, this is a moment of revelatory instant shifting, or the plans for that.

Is there any area of life where we need genius, transformation or “instant shifting”?

January 22, 2018 – Monday

SUN SEXTILE MOON brings a beautiful harmony into the day, especially between masculine and feminine. This is especially wonderful in the crescent phase of the moon which is still a “seed-planting,” and new beginning energy rising time.

MOON SQUARE SATURN just as we wake up this morning (5:41 am) pst brings the day into a call to be EMPEROR within for each of us. Each of us has a “kingdom,” that is our world all around us. Today we need to focus, make choices, and “be the emperor of our kingdom,” we need to get rid of “extraneous,” things that are not part of the moving forward or the new cycle energy.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS is more support. Though we need to be “in charge,” and “lead,” our lives through the upcoming times of change, this is a sweet divine feminine allyship. Men with women and women with women—are in harmony and able to work together and this is a magnificent key to all of our success, a good day for collaboration, problem solving together and laying the groundwork for the changes.