January 30, 2018 – Day before the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE

MOON is in Cancer for the early morning only before moving into Leo at 10:53 am pst. Before that, the moon is VOID and in-between in the slippery time until round 11am pst.

At 10:53 am pst, MOON enters LEO, the sign where it will engage the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE tomorrow morning. Being the day before this power-eclipse-purge, yes purge. Eclipses are always like a shamanic purge, nomatter what else is about them, they are cleaners.  So expect the surfacing of shadow and gook, psychic irritations as they clear and all the stuff we must release, letting go of others opinions, our own minds bantering and all the little things that show up to trigger our grief, sadness and whatever densities we are letting go of in this shamanic purge of these three days–today, tomorrow and the next day as the little balls of purge, however all month before and after we are cleaning the clutter of old grief, old witholds, and old everything that needs to go.

in the inbetween energy of the early morning: MOON SQUARES URANUS and OPPOSES MERCURY. This is quite a geometric combination in the four energy, meanwhile radical and unexpected in its invisible powers. It is helped by the energy of third dimension and building. (squares and oppositions)–Being in 3-D, is a proactive working energy of needing to constantly stay focused on “what needs to be done,” created, changed or worked on to continue on the holy journey of “right relationship” and “divinely guided path before us.”

The FULL MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place tomorrow morning just pre-dawn. [5:27 am pst] [8:27 am – east coast]. Eclipses are tricky times of being vigilant and doing what is needed, with humility and prayer. Its important to “Pay attention,” and attend to all that needs attending. More information on the FULL MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in tomorrow’s blog, [see January 31 blog]