January 26, 2018 – Friday

Mars enters fiery Sagittarius, a place where Mars can be handled with care. There can be big ego’s and arrogance when Mars is in Sagittarius, so its good to remember the spirit of peace and soothing calming while Mars travels through fire. Activity, excersize and travel is all good during this active time of Mars.

MOON enters Gemini, airy, childlike and happy. Its time to have a little fun!
MOON OPPOSITE MARS brings charge. This is a good aspect for dancing and for transforming things through actions we take.

SUN TRINE MOON is a good strong alchemical link between masculine and feminine lights. We are all little combinations of lights that come together and make our consciousness, a light in the darkness of experiences that we make with our light in the fabric of life. Today is an alchemical day for our own benefit and harmonious joy.

Have a Fun Friday night and weekend! We are human wow!