January 25, 2018 – Thursday

MOON is still in earthy Taurus and now the MOON is rising toward FULLNESS more and more each day! Taurus likes to move slowly and feel grounded and secure. How can we nurture this part of ourselves today?

MERCURY SEXTILE JUPITER is a communications magic aspect. Our mouths are little wizards and with the Ecilpse shadowing near, people may be feeling an underlying fear or insecurity. The universal pendulum of change has begun to swing and there is chaos coming possibly. (just for a passage)—we will all get through it, and it is a passage of chaos at the Eclipse that will send out of balance all that needs “rebalancing.” The eclipses are “rebalancers,” but may first be seen as the chaos bringers who send things swinging and into their extremes. This is the beginning of the process of change. Today is a really good day to communicate.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE is a watery flow. Movement is graceful and natural today and its good to “go with the flow,” for the benefit of all.

MOON TRINE PLUTO is a power contact, once again calling us to be centered in our core power places. Rooted into the earth.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER in the evening is a “stretch,” usually we are called to question our own limited beliefs or the way that we are judgemental or critical toward others. Compassion is one of the biggest lessons for all of us this month and this year. (and even this human lifetime).

MOON TRINE MERCURY is the last earthy aspect today that is beneficial and supportive for grounding and organizing. The MOON heads into the VOID after this aspect in the evening (7:16 pm pst)