January 21, 2018 – Sunday

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO taps our power center. Its one more day of MOON in Pisces, deep feeling, healing and compassionate, tapping our power center. This day calls us to know that power is not macho, power can be tender, and vulnerable and gentle.

MOON TRINE JUPITER early morning brings good luck and money. We can receive receive receive whatever we need today from morning on!

MOON TRINE MARS is action action action. If we are given action opportunities lets take them! They may bring good luck or financial wonders.

Moon goes VOID with the MOON TRINE MARS at 5:13 pm pst. This gives us an “evening off,” or an evening to go back over the week before and see what “didn’t get done correctly,” and redo it. VOID periods are not times to do anything new. They are good times to return things!

MOON enters Aries, fiery leader within, late tonight (10:27 pm pst). Tomorrow is a leadership, courage and adventure day for all of us.