January 11, 2018 – Depth, Abundance, Roots, Right Action and Sweet Rising

root-326552_1280This day has powerful aspects in the pre-dawn and early morning, then MOON goes VOID [at 6:53 am pst/ 7:53 am mst/ 8:53 am cst/ 9:53 am est] with a sweet MOON VENUS aspect. So the whole day could be given over to girls. This is a treat yourself and treat the ones you love kinda day.

Here are the pre-dawn and early morning aspects:
MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER in Scorpio is a powerful deep watery flow of emotion. It is also an abundance kinda day-maker. Stretch into more abundance.

wine-980218_1280MOON SEXTILE PLUTO – connection to our own source of power, adding to make “a powerful day.”

MOON CONJUNCT MARS – lights, camera, action! Its an action day!

SUN SEXTILE MOON – is a link of harmony between the masculine light and the feminine light.

beach-1836467_640MOON SEXTILE VENUS is a feminine link that brings sweet feminine comeraderie within and between mother and maiden.

fire-1176510_640MOON enters fiery Sagittarius, a
light hearted leap from the depths of scorpio, at 11:04 pm pst.