January 9, 2018 – Feminine Power – “Everything She Touches Changes”

VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO and SUN CONJUNCTS PLUTO pre-dawn, carrying the creative energy into deeper and more soulful places! This is more power-day. More seedplanting transformational birthing time for rhe new Solar Year and the New Era.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS (also pre-dawn), is a shake-up break-through energy that shakes apart anything that is overly “sticky,” or co-dependent. This can feel unsettling however is freeing us. It’s a wake-up kinda-day. Since people might feel shakey inside—can we nurture each other today?

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at (8:12 am pst) then MOON heads for the VOID for the rest of the day. That means the EARLY MORNING before 8 pacific time is when to get things done before the VOID sets in until 1pm pst.

The secret today again is in communicating well.

MOON leaves the VOID and enters Scorpio (fixed water) at (12:05 pm pst). After this it is easier to get logistics done again.

MARS SEXTILE VENUS (1:08 pm pst) is a masculine feminine allyship. This can be groundbreaking in itself, joining with the break through aspect above, we are allying and breaking new ground together, its time to prepare for a different kind of economy and social system. We are designing it now.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN (4:47 pm pst), is another tap on SATURN. Its another reminder that “we are in charge,” and if something is now working we can change our mind, and let people know. We can find another option we may not have considered before. Sometimes we limit ourselves to things we do not need to limit ourselves too—if we are feeling crushed, where and how can we “change the plan,” or break through one of the limitations we may have un-realistically set or accepted from another. Time to reclaim our authority and align it to grace.

SUN SEXTILE MARS (9:36 pm pst), is another creative action moment. Tuesday night, not a time we might expect, it’s a high energy creative action time. It’s a good time to have a late night time at the gym or go dancing.