January 8, 2018 – VENUS SUN – Feminine Creative Renaissance

fantasy-3060807_640SUN SEXTILE JUPITER at 4:07 am pst, is a very auspicious aspect to begin the day, pre-dawn. It is creative and abundant—in Capricorn and Scorpio it can lay the ground work for the financial future to come.

VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER, at 8:13 am pst. Wooo hoooo! What a magical creative day of manifestation seed planting goodness! Create Create Create!!!seed-2407722_640

MOON in Cardinal air, Libra, SQUARES VENUS and the SUN and PLUTO (all the Capricorn-transiting planets), cardinal earth. These are the leaders and the starters. There’s a whole lot of “new beginnings” going on—and there’s work involved when there’s a square. The square marks the waning moon transiting down toward half moon, crossing into the dark waning part of the lunar cycle. From today on, the energy begins to drop lower each day, pulling energy away from us in a cleansing action, instead of building it up, now, we are releasing the old again in our emotional journey.

sunset-2180346_640VENUS –SUN IGNITION! Venus and the Sun come together late tonight in a conjunction . [11:02 pm pst] This is powerful creative energy for a late Monday night! The SUN is still early in it brand new solar year, this VENUS CONJUNCTION is a creative burst of what’s happenin’ in the garden of each of us for the year!