January 7, 2018 – Working Relational Sunday

tattoo-2894318_640MOON enters Libra pre dawn, bringing usĀ into our air. our relational capacity and work. Air asks for more light-heartedness in all that we do, wherever possible.

MOON SQUARES SATURN [8:09 am pst] on this Sunday, making it more like a weekday than a Sunday. There is work to do, and its best to do it when the work is calling.ecology-2985781_640Work well done today in the Saturn Square brings rewards tomorrow.

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Author’s Note:
Woo-Hoo! Star Weather Whale is returning to daily blogs again in 2018! And we have monthly downloads for those who want to be Time Masters! and better surfers of Time!
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The wolf pack is relocating. We are looking for volunteers, funding and sponsors, partners, of all kinds, planning events and fundraisers into the year ahead! Please contact me for collaboration, funding, partnerships of all kinds! AzlanWhite@gmail.com
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