First day of the Calendar Year of 2018!

The first day of 2018 is held by mama, Cancer Moon. Even before dawn, she is in full opposition with SATURN, reminding us that the year is a SATURN-seeking year, the year wants structure, and mostly new structure for a new energy, and a new cycle, as well, of course as a new era!

MOON OPPOSES VENUS between the mama and earth sign Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is a bit serious and likes to get work done! MOON calls the mother to be soft and nurturing for all of us. We have to balance between these two opposites (always)—the opposites of Cancer and Capricorn, and especially today.

FULL MOON is in the evening [6:24 pm pst. 7:24 pm mst/ 8:24 pm cst/ 9:24 pm est]. This is a new years for partying. It seems like we have not had that for a few years. It seems like I remember darker first of the years where we might fell more inward, so here we are at a really outward and celebratory first of the year! Lets party!

On this January 1st, we are coming to fruition from the new moon around the Winter Solstice. This is the first little creation lunar cycle of the new solar year! Peaking on the first!

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE and MARS, forming a GRAND TRINE in WATER : this is nice harmony, soothing music and money for everyone! . . . . . The element of WATER holds our emotions, our abundance, and our flow. It is a soft place that likes food and rest and nourishing spaces. Baths, ocean visits, and beautiful music, as well as romance, and swimming in our visions for the creativity of the year ahead.