December 27, 2017 – Rising Light, Crossing of the Years! Deep Blessings All Around!

design-2711676_1280Its early in the new solar year, when we haven’t changed numbers yet! However we’ve crossed the darkest part of the transition. The light is now returning!

Welcome to the NEW SOLAR YEAR, and the RETURNING OF THE LIGHT! I am so happy to feel each day this light returning into the days as we rise now toward the SUMMER SOLSTICE, the peak of light.

December 21, the WINTER SOLSTICE, was the actual crossing point, from one Solar year energy, to the next. . . though we unfurl gently toward January 1st and then the Chinese New Year, marking the newness in steps as the light returns. sunbeam-2761911_640

The “Return of the Light,
is a yearly nature-based ritual that lifts us all, from the crossing of the darkest time of year. We made it! That darkest moment touches each of us in our own way.

Today, Wednesday, December 27, MOON is in Aries since Monday afternoon, on Christmas Day. This New Beginning energy entered in the “christ-honoring-window.”

With this newness energy, and light returning, we are passing the HALF MOON, and now over to the LIGHT side of the lunar cycle, rising toward FULL MOON on January 1st, 2018!

Its a FULL MOON NEW YEARS DAY!! That means we are peaking in the FIRST LUNAR CYCLE of the New Year, RIGHT on NEW YEARS DAY! . . . an auspicious New Years Day for 2018 . . . . it means its a fruition year.

Finally, after years and years of work, lives and lives of dreaming, we can bring our “projects we hold sacred,” to fruition this year. The secret symbols tell us so.

Its a (2) year coming – 2018 .

This is a time to take the second stabilizing step this year, even though we may still be “just beginning,” new endeavors, the second step, partnership, communications, and listening is next. In this coming Year of the Earth Dog, we are learning to find our “pod,” seed-2407722_640our allies and community and get more solid in partnerships that move us ALL forward in our visions. Since it appears governmental systems are breaking down all around us, as it may be, its important in this “year of the Dog,” to keep our “nose to the ground,” be loyal in our community and serve each other, building a new world that is grass roots from the ground up, a new way to be in this new world.  We are seeds bursting forth, instead of “from the pod,” back into pods, for a new way of collaborating.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [2:25 am pst/ 3:25 pm mst/ 4:25 pm cst/ 5:25 pm est] is a transformative life and death ushering. . . calling us to be “in charge of the change,” by calling in the money, power and change that is needed to prevent disaster. In the face of death, what is called for to provide honor, grace, a next step? Can we communicate, offer, or imagine the next steps? Time to lead, implement and feel our way through “the impossible, . . . . ” . . . . its possible though it appears impossible. Its alive though appearing dead. . . . etc.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [12:57 am pst/ 1:57 pm mst/ 2:57 cst/ 3:57 est] with the MOON rising, heading for New Year, and a whole new cycle of creation, invites “magic in our feet.” What do we dream? What seeds will we plant in gardens and fields this year? Does it seem impossible? (all the better in a time like now,) its for overcoming the impossible to possible – URANUS is the master of this and PLUTO kills and rebirths things every moment. work-in-the-garden-2432111_1280Transforming them to another form, then another. This day is cathartic, not necessarily easy–for “TIme Mastery,” it requires strong action and strong leadership from soulfully within, not hesitating to communicate where we need to, guiding the transformative “impossible dream,” into form. We are its only force (our dreams). They are seeding and sprouting out our fingertips at this time. May we root them in the right gardens for the transfer to the new year!

MOON enters the VOID with its CONJUNCTION to Magical URANUS: at [12:57 pm pst/ 1:57 pm mst/ 2:57 pm cst/ 3:57 pm est] between Aries and Taurus. Its a slippery afternoon, however late tonight, MOON enters TAURUS [10:23 pm pst/ 11:23 pm mst/ 12:23 pm cst/ 1:23 am late night/early morning est]–grounding into the EARTH tonight late, after a slippery afternoon. Good to get what we need to “get done today,” before the MOON goes VOID.

dolphin-1974975_640MARS TRINE NEPTUNE [9:59 pm pst/ 10:59 pm mst/ 11:59 pm cst/ 12:59 am early am next morning est] this late night aspect–tonight–calls us to strong clear prayer. It invites clear responses to psychic or other “odd problems,” that arise when Mars and Neptune get together. This is a TRINE and a kind, soft communicative aspect, including even inspiration and healing, however it requires “right action,” and the “right communications,” so rally our inner selves to know what to say to whom for the gardens and plantings and year ahead. MERCURY is still unwinding from its powerful retrograde, unfurling the rearranging and strange alchemy it is still unfolding.

May we be happy as dolphins this year, as we find pod-mentality in 2018. 

. . . . . .

Author’s Note:
Thank You in 2017THANKS TO YOU! WE MADE IT THROUGH THE YEAR! We Love You! Happy New Year! Paws of love, Howls of abundance showering you in our gratitude, waves!

As we are in the crossing of the year, along with you, the whole pack in tow, we need to repair a situation from our “big energy new arrival,” that included a cartoon of drama including “wolf terrorists,” who started as “helpers,” then “turned to the dark side,” and began interfering, opening gates, letting animals out and doing unconscious things too, like running the steaming hot water endlessly so the bill would go up, etc. . . . in an act of grace the Santa Fe County Police assisted in removing the “wolf terrorists,” with a scene that will come out in a cartoon for you.So much Gratitude!  (I’m working on that now). . . . . before the cartoon, is the sending of the FREE BOOKS you can receive after January 1. (for your sign). I’m into giving gifts this year, as I feel as if I’ve lived through the most “narrow escapes,” and “small and large miracles,” of my life, I’m so happy we have made it to this crossing of the year! I’m giving away everything I can! So if you’ve already given me your e-mail (recently) I most likely have it. If not, send it our way, here or on FB.

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We are doing “end of the year accounting,” . . . and We are going to offer to buy the other tenants out of their lease –to repair the situation that just occurred with our arrival and the crossing of the dark period and the helpers turned “wolf terrorist,” . . . . to recover, we are hoping we might be able to take over the whole property with two layers of fences, including inner fences and outer ones.

This will allow us to have a wolf b n b and invite you all to visit!

Your Donations are still the essence of our ability to overcome obstacles, and keep surviving the hurdles so each animal can find their “right place,” . . . . . if this location does not work, we will be moving to the Rocky Mountains. . . We’ll keep you posted! . . . . . and we will make it, however finances are always going fast! and this pack is a big giant energy for all of us, I can only generate so much on my own, so your help is so so appreciated!

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December 21, 2017 – Happy Winter Solstice! Solar New Year! New Light. The Great Crossing of the Years!

fantasy-2925250_640Though we celebrate New Years on January 1st, of the Calendar year, we all know that the real energetic, reset point, for the Solar New year of the energy that enlivens us, is now. This is the shift point. Today we shift years. Though we’ll still be in the Calendar year of 2017 for another week or so, this is the crossing. Winter Solstice occurs at [8:29 am pst/ 9:29 am mst/ 10:29 am cst/ 11:29 pm est] in the morning.  The Sun enters Saturn’s sign at zero capricorn. This is a reset time. Its time to restructure and plan a whole new level of organization and infrastructure, practice and a new pathway for a higher vibrational experience the next time around.

SUN CONJUNCTS SATURN today also, (Capricorn’s Planet)–this makes it more than just an average Winter Solstice, its a tightly woven death and rebirth between era’s still and this conjunction at this time makes for an even more dramatic shift point. It is death of the old and birth of the new. It may feel “tight,” or confined,” restricted or limited, however this SATURN constriction is the constriction of a chick breaking and pushing and struggling through the eggshell. We must break out of Saturn’s limitations. “Saturn will push us up against the veil of our own limiting beliefs, however has the power to push us through to the other side.” . . . . it is that time. winter-3006823_640

This is a day of tightening every muscle to release it. Feeling every grief of the last year to release it. Turning over our disappointments and perceived betrayals or let-downs, for pro-active eliciting of our deepest truest desires and the seeds and soil that will cultivate them more effectively than we did last year. May we till our psychic soil, turning over and refreshing the inner world, so that the seeds of our new growth can be planted on time. This is the time for the planting of seeds for the solar year. Our seeds planted here will grow all year.

Saturn, though often the old feeble man of limitation and lord of misery, that is an old old story that is from an old old consciousness that cannot work with the elements of life very wisely or adeptly. If we are experiencing this–that is the old world within us, falling, fearing its demise, fearing the unknown, and yet, Saturn is the ultimate source of creation. The ultimate planet of the boundaries of the physical world and the crossing into physical existence. There in the 3-D, there is limitation, however the limitation is meant to free us into the divine experience of being here on earth. So SATURN and the SATURN SUN CONJUNCTION today,winter-sun-1547273_640remind us to seek the deepest soul and deepest maturity in our perspectives as we have opportunities to create “the next level,” for our life. Not only is it a new solar year today, but also a deep deep offering of power to kill, to release, and to create anew, with the planet of the physical world filling with fresh new light today.

SATURN SUN CONJUNCTION is at [12 noon pst/ 1pm mst/ 2pm cst/ 3pm est]

MERCURY RETROGRADE is slowing down to station to go direct again, tomorrow, on December 22nd. When Mercury is slowing down it often creates a karmic “spin,” and the chaos of changing directions. This added to the shortest and most “resetable” alchemical day of death and rebirth. Re-alignment and re-organization.

Winter Solstice Shortest Day: Its an old astrological note that the shortest day, darkest day, can be the “worst day,” of the year, however as a culture who fears the dark, the unknown and the shadow, that is a result of those foundational fears, more than the elemental energy of darkness, which is connected to the womb of creation, the cosmos, and the unknown well of life from which we eternally spring forth. We can trust our own dissolving into the womb of creation, and let go. We can rest, and sink deeply into a cleansing releasing and recreation meditation.
. . . . . .

nutria-2906246_640Author’s Note:  In the deepest of transitions like all, in the darkest lowest energy, I too fall into the unknown. Pray for grace, guidance and the best possible scenario for all involved around the wolf-dogs I care for. Prayers and Donations are appreciated as the transition is still underway and there is one wolf possibly missing and people in disharmony and back-stabbing. We are calling in the peace of the holy days for healing of all minds not in harmony with each other.

Donations for fence building (we are still finishing fencing):
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December 17, 2017 – New Moon Night

girl-1909006_640The NEW MOON in Sagittarius happens late tonight [10:35 pm pst/ 11:35 pm mst/ 12: 35 am cst/ 1:35 am late night est] or rather in the crossing of the days–on the early early morning of the 18th–on the east coast.

Until then, it is a dark waning Moon, with MERCURY slowing down toward stationing, to go direct, on the 22nd. bear-2079672_640
The SUN is late in its cycle too, so energy is low and fears or insecurities can arise. (not for Bears because they are already asleep for the winter hermit time).

Until the new moon, late tonight and early tomorrow morning–its good to be like a bear and lick your paws, clean your den, take baths, light candles and allow the old year to fall down the drain like a spiral water whirl. gently. peacefully. like breath or dna spiralling toward the sun.

This is deep deep dark time of reconfiguring, meditation, release and unwinding the old preparing for the New Year!nutria-2906246_640
HAPPY NEW MOON, in the deep dark rooting “stirring underground”. Secret time of nature’s death and rebirth.

New Solar Year begins on December 21–WINTER SOLSTICE coming. 

. . . . . . .
Note from the author:
We are in the crossing, in this crossing! . . . . “In the middle of moving and completing the fence at the same time.

All donations are helpful and welcome at this time!

December 13, 2017 – Visionary Time Cocoon

fischer-2739115_640This time we are in is revolutionary, creative and wild in all the best ways. It pushes and pulls us with its edges of life and death that we often experience at the end of the year with planets in Scorpio.

Yet, amidst these challenges of life and death, which are no small feat, there is this opportunity for extreme break-through’s, revolutionary leaps toward the world we want, from the one that isn’t working, and the appearance of everything we don’t want, justice-2060093_640but with a veneer so thin, if we are strong, and keep our force of visionary heart-based (pure true desire-based intention, strong)–the veneer of darkness will dissolve into the force of pure intention that will cut through the veil of darkness now appearing in our world.

As Mercury Retrogrades, through December 22nd, there is extreme alchemy, returns, remembrances, and circles that are “not our normal linear day to day butterfly-332355_640threads.” There is “something else going on,” What is it? Its the subtle universal magic of life that peeks through the linear veils when Mercury is retrograde, it stops us, interrupts the linear flow of life and reminds us there is a circular spiraling paradigm shift going on here, not just a linear 3-D.

this kind of MERCURY – SUN conjunction can be so BRIGHT, so POWERFUL that it overwhelms us, or overwhelms “all the electrical systems,” . . . . its like a little wire burns out with too much power or someone “flies too close to the sun!”

Now the “day after,” the MERCURY COMBUST the SUN, sunset-2180346_640we can feel the power of the communications ignition. As the “too much” feeling come off of the bright energy, there are gifts of mind and heart that can come from this.

MERCURY will CONJUNCT VENUS in two days, so these days of Mercury transiting between SUN and VENUS are highly creative. Mercury’s retrograde motion is digging in our creative hearts and minds, revisiting old projects and redoing our creative life. There are breakthroughs available like cupcakes ! (due to Uranus’ involvement in the Mercury Venus Sun interactions in fire signs!)

The energy is low now, low in the lunar cycle, and low in the solar cycle. Its time to more toward the tying up of the threads of the old year. Its a time of rest and reflection, restoration and renewal, taking baths and making stews, lighting candles and considering our prayers for the upcoming solar year.

December 17th, (late night) 2017 is a NEW MOON in Sagittarius. [10:31 am pst/ 11:31 pm mst/ 12:31 am cst; Dec 18th/ 1:31 am est; Dec 18]. Until then, the energy is low and waning. Its time to “let go,” and rest. Reset button is this week for the changing of the solar years!

New Sun Cycle begins on Winter Solstice December 21st

Mercury goest Directo on December 22nd, to go back through those transformational conjunctions one more time!

. . . . .

much love


Star Weather Whale

December 11, 2017 – Harvest Prayer

The solar cycle comes down to its close of the year, and we are at a kind of “year end harvest time.”agriculture-1807581_640
Not EVERY year has a JUPITER CONJUNCT VESTA toward the winding down of the sun.
THIS YEAR, 2017: our year’s end has a “final harvest,” or a season of abundant sharing with one another, as if we each just tilled a fresh field that we each cultivated with the “special fruit,” that is of each of us. It is the time for the essence of “each of us,” to be shared, like fruit is by trees. We are the fruit of the earth and the heavens.

Today, VENUS, our divine feminine of expression and love, abundance and life-giving nourishment, is touching the VESTA JUPITER conjunction, which is tomorrow. (Dec. 12).

VENUS touches with a small aspect (semi-square)–VESTA–at [9:51 am pst/ 10:51 am mst/ 11:51 am cst/ 12:51 pm est] – this is a sweet feminine moment of subtle power. May we all experience this tangible grace.

VENUS contacts JUPITER in a semi-square [2:16 pm pst/ 3:16 pm mst/ 4:16 am cst/ 5:16 am est]. These contact are like “moments of prayer and expression,” preceeding tomorrows open portal of experience related to the harvest of our own heart and soul.

raspberries-2431029_640What a beautiful thing to share the harvest of ourselves at this time. May we not miss the opportunity. When called to share our essence with the world like a flower, may we each find a way, to emit a beautiful harvest to our friends and loved ones–each in our own way–we harvest our creativity, we harvest our purpose, our heart and our soul.

May we be wise, may we be whole, and may we be the incarnate expression of a lively soul.

. . . . .

Author’s Note: So happy to write a daily blog. it nourishes in all directions. I surf and live in such a better way when I know what I’m surfing! Ahhhh. Astrological connection relief! (was running around without even a little astro-calendar in hand!) Its so refreshing to feel reconnected to the starlit pathway, after a period of darkness and disconnection from it–due to moving and chaos. Oh what a relief–seeing the qualities of time!

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