December 27, 2017 – Rising Light, Crossing of the Years! Deep Blessings All Around!

design-2711676_1280Its early in the new solar year, when we haven’t changed numbers yet! However we’ve crossed the darkest part of the transition. The light is now returning!

Welcome to the NEW SOLAR YEAR, and the RETURNING OF THE LIGHT! I am so happy to feel each day this light returning into the days as we rise now toward the SUMMER SOLSTICE, the peak of light.

December 21, the WINTER SOLSTICE, was the actual crossing point, from one Solar year energy, to the next. . . though we unfurl gently toward January 1st and then the Chinese New Year, marking the newness in steps as the light returns. sunbeam-2761911_640

The “Return of the Light,
is a yearly nature-based ritual that lifts us all, from the crossing of the darkest time of year. We made it! That darkest moment touches each of us in our own way.

Today, Wednesday, December 27, MOON is in Aries since Monday afternoon, on Christmas Day. This New Beginning energy entered in the “christ-honoring-window.”

With this newness energy, and light returning, we are passing the HALF MOON, and now over to the LIGHT side of the lunar cycle, rising toward FULL MOON on January 1st, 2018!

Its a FULL MOON NEW YEARS DAY!! That means we are peaking in the FIRST LUNAR CYCLE of the New Year, RIGHT on NEW YEARS DAY! . . . an auspicious New Years Day for 2018 . . . . it means its a fruition year.

Finally, after years and years of work, lives and lives of dreaming, we can bring our “projects we hold sacred,” to fruition this year. The secret symbols tell us so.

Its a (2) year coming – 2018 .

This is a time to take the second stabilizing step this year, even though we may still be “just beginning,” new endeavors, the second step, partnership, communications, and listening is next. In this coming Year of the Earth Dog, we are learning to find our “pod,” seed-2407722_640our allies and community and get more solid in partnerships that move us ALL forward in our visions. Since it appears governmental systems are breaking down all around us, as it may be, its important in this “year of the Dog,” to keep our “nose to the ground,” be loyal in our community and serve each other, building a new world that is grass roots from the ground up, a new way to be in this new world.  We are seeds bursting forth, instead of “from the pod,” back into pods, for a new way of collaborating.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [2:25 am pst/ 3:25 pm mst/ 4:25 pm cst/ 5:25 pm est] is a transformative life and death ushering. . . calling us to be “in charge of the change,” by calling in the money, power and change that is needed to prevent disaster. In the face of death, what is called for to provide honor, grace, a next step? Can we communicate, offer, or imagine the next steps? Time to lead, implement and feel our way through “the impossible, . . . . ” . . . . its possible though it appears impossible. Its alive though appearing dead. . . . etc.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [12:57 am pst/ 1:57 pm mst/ 2:57 cst/ 3:57 est] with the MOON rising, heading for New Year, and a whole new cycle of creation, invites “magic in our feet.” What do we dream? What seeds will we plant in gardens and fields this year? Does it seem impossible? (all the better in a time like now,) its for overcoming the impossible to possible – URANUS is the master of this and PLUTO kills and rebirths things every moment. work-in-the-garden-2432111_1280Transforming them to another form, then another. This day is cathartic, not necessarily easy–for “TIme Mastery,” it requires strong action and strong leadership from soulfully within, not hesitating to communicate where we need to, guiding the transformative “impossible dream,” into form. We are its only force (our dreams). They are seeding and sprouting out our fingertips at this time. May we root them in the right gardens for the transfer to the new year!

MOON enters the VOID with its CONJUNCTION to Magical URANUS: at [12:57 pm pst/ 1:57 pm mst/ 2:57 pm cst/ 3:57 pm est] between Aries and Taurus. Its a slippery afternoon, however late tonight, MOON enters TAURUS [10:23 pm pst/ 11:23 pm mst/ 12:23 pm cst/ 1:23 am late night/early morning est]–grounding into the EARTH tonight late, after a slippery afternoon. Good to get what we need to “get done today,” before the MOON goes VOID.

dolphin-1974975_640MARS TRINE NEPTUNE [9:59 pm pst/ 10:59 pm mst/ 11:59 pm cst/ 12:59 am early am next morning est] this late night aspect–tonight–calls us to strong clear prayer. It invites clear responses to psychic or other “odd problems,” that arise when Mars and Neptune get together. This is a TRINE and a kind, soft communicative aspect, including even inspiration and healing, however it requires “right action,” and the “right communications,” so rally our inner selves to know what to say to whom for the gardens and plantings and year ahead. MERCURY is still unwinding from its powerful retrograde, unfurling the rearranging and strange alchemy it is still unfolding.

May we be happy as dolphins this year, as we find pod-mentality in 2018. 

. . . . . .

Author’s Note:
Thank You in 2017THANKS TO YOU! WE MADE IT THROUGH THE YEAR! We Love You! Happy New Year! Paws of love, Howls of abundance showering you in our gratitude, waves!

As we are in the crossing of the year, along with you, the whole pack in tow, we need to repair a situation from our “big energy new arrival,” that included a cartoon of drama including “wolf terrorists,” who started as “helpers,” then “turned to the dark side,” and began interfering, opening gates, letting animals out and doing unconscious things too, like running the steaming hot water endlessly so the bill would go up, etc. . . . in an act of grace the Santa Fe County Police assisted in removing the “wolf terrorists,” with a scene that will come out in a cartoon for you.So much Gratitude!  (I’m working on that now). . . . . before the cartoon, is the sending of the FREE BOOKS you can receive after January 1. (for your sign). I’m into giving gifts this year, as I feel as if I’ve lived through the most “narrow escapes,” and “small and large miracles,” of my life, I’m so happy we have made it to this crossing of the year! I’m giving away everything I can! So if you’ve already given me your e-mail (recently) I most likely have it. If not, send it our way, here or on FB.

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We are doing “end of the year accounting,” . . . and We are going to offer to buy the other tenants out of their lease –to repair the situation that just occurred with our arrival and the crossing of the dark period and the helpers turned “wolf terrorist,” . . . . to recover, we are hoping we might be able to take over the whole property with two layers of fences, including inner fences and outer ones.

This will allow us to have a wolf b n b and invite you all to visit!

Your Donations are still the essence of our ability to overcome obstacles, and keep surviving the hurdles so each animal can find their “right place,” . . . . . if this location does not work, we will be moving to the Rocky Mountains. . . We’ll keep you posted! . . . . . and we will make it, however finances are always going fast! and this pack is a big giant energy for all of us, I can only generate so much on my own, so your help is so so appreciated!

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