December 11, 2017 – Harvest Prayer

The solar cycle comes down to its close of the year, and we are at a kind of “year end harvest time.”agriculture-1807581_640
Not EVERY year has a JUPITER CONJUNCT VESTA toward the winding down of the sun.
THIS YEAR, 2017: our year’s end has a “final harvest,” or a season of abundant sharing with one another, as if we each just tilled a fresh field that we each cultivated with the “special fruit,” that is of each of us. It is the time for the essence of “each of us,” to be shared, like fruit is by trees. We are the fruit of the earth and the heavens.

Today, VENUS, our divine feminine of expression and love, abundance and life-giving nourishment, is touching the VESTA JUPITER conjunction, which is tomorrow. (Dec. 12).

VENUS touches with a small aspect (semi-square)–VESTA–at [9:51 am pst/ 10:51 am mst/ 11:51 am cst/ 12:51 pm est] – this is a sweet feminine moment of subtle power. May we all experience this tangible grace.

VENUS contacts JUPITER in a semi-square [2:16 pm pst/ 3:16 pm mst/ 4:16 am cst/ 5:16 am est]. These contact are like “moments of prayer and expression,” preceeding tomorrows open portal of experience related to the harvest of our own heart and soul.

raspberries-2431029_640What a beautiful thing to share the harvest of ourselves at this time. May we not miss the opportunity. When called to share our essence with the world like a flower, may we each find a way, to emit a beautiful harvest to our friends and loved ones–each in our own way–we harvest our creativity, we harvest our purpose, our heart and our soul.

May we be wise, may we be whole, and may we be the incarnate expression of a lively soul.

. . . . .

Author’s Note: So happy to write a daily blog. it nourishes in all directions. I surf and live in such a better way when I know what I’m surfing! Ahhhh. Astrological connection relief! (was running around without even a little astro-calendar in hand!) Its so refreshing to feel reconnected to the starlit pathway, after a period of darkness and disconnection from it–due to moving and chaos. Oh what a relief–seeing the qualities of time!

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