September 13-19, 2017 – End of Eclipse Field, Dark Moon, New Moon

eclipse-33019_640Tis the very end of the eclipse cycle, and all shadow parts, fears and bottom outs are here, showing themselves up and up til the shadow lands are cleared. This time is still eclipse-like-tricky. We are still winding down the activated death and purge cycle of the eclipse, beginning with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

The natural disasters, often follow the path of the eclipse, which travelled through the US, all across the country, travelled the eclipse, the path of the eclipse is often a place of death, purification and transfiguration. Prayers for all those in the path, the wake, and the storms.  palm-tree-in-the-storm-1088921_640May it clear our hearts of unhealthy separation and bring us together in life-giving sustainable community.

May the winds of change bring the contexts needed on a larger scale for a great shift in consciousness–the shifts that sometimes don’t happen without disaster or a force of nature ushering change.

Eclipses bring this kind of apocalyptic change.eclipse-2095618_640We are still “in it,”
unwinding all the way down to the bottom of the DARK MOON of the eclipse cycle–on Sept 18, eclipsing mars and mercury and opposing neptune that day. A time when–once again–communications and right action are the keys to grace. As we wind, day by day, down to the dark moon–communication with spirit, meditation and healing baths are in. Its the quiet time. Its healing time. Its still time to be vigilant and handle the moments, days and things we love with utmost care and attention. All through the rest of the cycle. Tricky slippery energy. Handle with care and attention. 

SEPT 13th(Wednesday) Day of the Goddess – filled with aspects – “a lot going on within each of us!”

SEPT 14th (Thursday) – MOON in Cancer, Sextile Mars, Opposite Pluto later in the day, and trine Neptune. – WATER is our friend today. Right action is our security, and bold truth-telling actions that we know we must take will save us from near death experiences or uncontained stress.

SEPT. 15th (Friday) – MOON SEXTILE SUN and VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER bring the potential for grace, abundance, creative problem-solving, and a divine feminine magic-afoot. May we use the grace of this day–on all that needs our grace.

SEPT. 16 (Saturday) – MOON is in Leo. dandelion-761104_1920MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS is the only aspect however a potent aspect in the day. Handle warring or violent energies with care. Right action is crucial. Communications are important today. Handle our mouth with care.

SEPT. 17 (Sunday) – Todays aspects are creative and magical! MOOn in Leo CONJUNCT VENUS is a divine feminine creative key to openings. MOON TRINE URANUS and VENUS TRINE URANUS as well as a MOON SEXTILE JUPITER bring magical good luck potential. Be as if the day is a magic wand–because it is.

SEPT. 18 (Monday) – DARK MOON. This is the VERY END of the lunar cycle which began with the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE that began a cycle of hurricanes, wildfires, and even an earthquake or two. We are in the midst of an apocalyptic time and this is the final day of this death-clearing cycle.

SEPT. 19, 2017 (Tuesday) – NEW MOON! Its the NEW MOON this day! MOON TRINE PLUTO, SQUARE SATURN, MERCURY OPPOSITE NEPTUNE. This New Moon opens a cycle that may not be easy to “see clearly,” it may be foggy as to how this next cycle will play out. We must work with watery spiritual circumstances, and call upon the spiritual realms for support where our humanness falls short this month. NEW MOON is in the evening–so the DARK MOON lasts all day until eve: [10:30 pm pdt/ 11:30 pm mdt/ 12:30 am late night cdt/ 1:30 am late night edt]nature-1201834_640

May we surf this dark unwinding down into a cauldron of regeneration and healing. 


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Author’s Note: This Eclipse time has been a really stressful time for all of us at Heart of a Wolf Educational Sanctuary. Kasha was bitten by a snake and porcupine quills repeatedly appeared on snouts. We felt like we might all die as the landlord attacked and spewed. We dealt with “hate crimes,” toward wolves and found refuge in the Taos Court System. The last place we might expect to be cared for. In tricky eclipse style–we have a court deadline–even as I write this.

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September 1-6, 2017 – FULL MOON : Rising Seeds of Purification and Renewal

abstract-2615764_640September 1-6 Rising Up Toward the FULL MOON on SEPTEMBER 6th! This lunar cycle was birthed at a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, on August 21st. We walked through the “valley of death” challenge,” whether we noticed it or not.

Houston is literally living the mythic challenge to us at this time. . . . –approaching a FULL MOON in the spiritual water sign, the master water, the end of life wisdom keeper: Pisces: at the crossing between Sept 5th and September 6th!

MERCURY RETROGRADE, still retrograding, now, we are revisiting Mercury in Grr-Leo for another nine days, before it goes back into Virgo, on September 9th. This is more lion-hearted time. Communications from the heart being the key to all the challenges. MERCURY GOES DIRECT on SEPT 5th. 

The FULL MOON is at a little after midnight on the 6th, pacific time, 1am Mountain time, 2am central, 3am eastern (pre-dawn on the morning of September 6th). Its a Wednesday–FULL MOON Hump day!houston-texas-2609030_640in the middle of the week–we peak in the intensity of this whole eclipse cycle! Its the peak–may we ride it well, flower it in our own way so we can harvest the lessons, and learnings out of the extremes being presented and the shadows and uprising things to be cleared, being revealed: its our time to clear these things, like whatever Houston surfaces, its time to address it: the shadow side of the oil and water story and more. . . . and allow it to cleanse us of what we do not need going forward.

SUMMARY of each day Sept.1-6: 
moon-1099732_640Sept 1 – MOON is in Capricorn aspecting power planets : Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter–
so the month is initiated in elemental power, and a reminder that our life is to be honored in the face of the fear of death. May we celebrate our life, as our deepest fears rear their heads to be seen and cleaned.

moon-1187500_640Sept. 2, 2017: VOID MORNING: URANIAN DAY: MOON is VOID at 9:30 am PDT until it enters Aquarius at 1:06 pm PDT.  MARS TRINE URANUS in the early dawn bring instinct from our core, out to act in divine alignment. MOON SQUARE URANUS adds Uranian chaos, and genius, miracles and community into the rising eclipse light with Aquarian energy joining the rising Moonlight.
Sept. 3, 2017 : Communications in Action!
: MOON in Aquarius all day –heart-2026190_640MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS [2:39 am pdt] and MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [8:49 am pdt](almost like a Full Moon only a Full Venus). The Secret Key to a more harmonious eclipse season is ” forgiving kind-hearted communication that takes right action.” in . . a Season of Truth and Reconciliation.

September 4th:
 Labor Day: (a holiday from the grind) : MERCURY slowing down to STATION tomorrow early morning–so things start to go funny wacky.moon-1704145_640There is a certain amount of chaos in the air! (surf with flexibility and humor)–look for grace in reversals and slow-downs, even stopages. Its a busy day! There’s so many planetary contacts that there’s a bit of everything, including some oppositional energies and grace energies–ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE–BE OPEN! 

September 5th
[4:30 am pdt] at the very end of Leo, just as the MOON is peaking into FULL! This eclipse was “at the heart of the lion,” so this whole cycle is opening the heart, and Mercury, of thesun-1459704_640hands, arms and mouth, is an extension of the heart at its best. Mars enters Virgo and the MOON eclipses NEPTUNE. This FULL MOON is with our action planet making a strong motion into the sign of healing, Virgo. Neptune is Pisces’ ruler–the sign of the FUll Moon–its a day to receive the messages of water! FULL MOON is late tonight!

September 6th FULL MOON DAY!
(HAPPY FULL MOON) in advance!full-moon-415501_640as we rise! May we be wise! Its still eclipse energy so still time to “pay attention,” and be vigilant with right action and kind clear communications. FULL MOON is at13 degrees Pisces. WATER. More messages from water and a revealing of where cleansing, attention and balance is needed related to water here. That is clear already in Houston on multiple layers. MOON goes VOID at 1: 29 pm PDT, at which point the VOID MOON status creates a slippery kind of energy for the second half of FULL MOON day–adding chaos to the FULL MOON in the eclipse field. May we focus with our clear intention like a light house, through the eclipse challenges. light-house-2368924_640

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . Since this NEW MOON that started this cycle was a SOLAR ECLIPSE, therefore the FULL MOON, coming, that we are rising toward now, in the crossing between Sept. 5th and 6th: is a FULL MOON of the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This WHOLE 28 day lunar cycle is all about purification on a deep and soul level. It is a purge-like-it-or-not. And it brings out ALL THE SHADOW. This Full Moon might as well be an Eclipse, though it is not, it carries all of the power, intention, purge-light, and full death-challenge-potential of an eclipse, due to being the fruition of the Eclipse New Moon Cycle.

rook-2369802_640The best way to “surf” this energy, in my astrologer’s perception: is to intentionally purge, and clear, and be a “force of communications,” for embetterment, forgiveness and the “clearing out of misunderstandings between people,” This is a great time for apologies of all kinds, especially while Mercury is still RETROGRADE!
. . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
I’m in the middle of a big wolf pack move, however still giving readings 1-2 per day! I’m getting better at doing both! Hooray!

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