August 8, 2017 – Lions Gate Between Eclipses – THE LIONS MOUTH

I am calling this time(between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse : August 7, 2017, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017)“the Lion’s Mouth.”lion-2232788_640
It is–the time of year called “the Lions gate,” when the Sun crosses Leo, the Moon hits the FULL MOON in Leo (just happened on August 7th)–and Sirius Rises above the Nile–ECLIPSED!!

Lions Gate Between Eclipses = The Lions Mouth!!!
(it can be funny, and not so funny!) lion-1141303_640
This powerful Lions Gate time of human initiation and renewal: falls between two powerful eclipses–a full moon (emotionally charged, unconsciousness-clearing initiation) one and a new moon eclipse coming on August 21st.

This is a time to handle with care and consciousness–more than anything–eclipses are cosmically “open,” portals, where paying attention is ultra-important, as the fabric of life can become almost as if “slippery,” or full of extra unexpected chaos. When we “expect and pay attention as if looking in front for the chaos coming,” then we can “see our way through the extreme places of eclipse influences on weather and people,” and walk calmly through the storms. (In Taos County, we are literally having rainstorms with thunder, lightning and rainbows that follow.).

rainbow-436183_640Paying attention is of utmost importance and then secondly we need to invoke, pray, clarify, rectify, and re-name our intentions for this day, this hour, this week, this month and this life. It is good to keep our “sword of truth,” sharp, and to allow it to be sharpened and cleansed even practiced–during this time. I have learned that in some mystical way, the Divine Feminine is in charge of Eclipses. It is seemingly HER deep justice-based-RAGE, whether planet-Mama-Earth’s seeming “rage,” or the rage of women or land once raped or abused, where we may see uproars. This is the season of line drawing. It is a time of final death. It is the final death of anything that has been harrassing us, even if it is inside of our own mind.

lightning-bolt-768801_640Sometimes as the energy shifts and winds sweep through, thunder cracks, lightning strikes, and people change, plans change, and everyone decides–“lets stay closer to home today,” we can feel the elemental “between-the-world-power,” unleashed at this time by the cosmic portal of sun moon and earth in this alignment.

May we open our mouths as we can, as MERCURY is in Virgo, grounding all the chaos, cleaning up the mess with his/her detailed focus into the little things that are under the bigger things. . . . . . These tiny communications are where the keys to intelligence and wisdom are during this wobbly time. What would the Mercury in Virgo do today? 

SUN in Leo, in the Lions Gate asks us to fully BE, “Incarnating our full creative inspirations from within”, out through our mouth, our hands, and our life-giving ability to connect and relate to “our people.” (whomever those people are.)–its TIME TO FIND THEM, communicate with them, and BE with them in this shifting, chaos energy of change change change.

dolphins-2160498_640The “pods of us,” drawn together at this time are assisting us all in frequency leaps! We are leaping leaping now, from old world to new. What does this mean? I don’t know–what do you see? I will let you know what I see too, as we move through this portal here.
Blessings in the LIONS MOUTH-
This Lions Gate Portal Between Eclipses. Watch your mouth (and the mouths of others) for all that is “falling away in the eclipse.” . . . . And what are the details of the new emerging world?

ufo-2144977_640The one secretly rising out of the chaos?

. . . . . . . . . .
Blessings in this Lions Mouth Portal!
May your personal cosmic initiation be wise and clear.
. . . . . . . . . . .

Authors Note: I’m taking steps to return to my “professional astrologer self,” from my “wild wolf woman” self. I find my time giving readings fulfilling for both people. Its a deep communion of sorts, with our souls, that carries an intimacy that is like a rootedness for these times. I welcome you for a soul-based reading.

I’m learning how to individuate and integrate those two so they work better. (any suggestions welcome!) I’m available for a small number of short readings–one to three per day–so contact me for a quick reading (by donation) to make the eclipse smoother with wisdom. Much Love from the whole pack and the deep wisdom of the stars, channeled through us with consciousness.