July 8, 2017 – Power Full Moon – PLUTO – Shadow or Soulfulness?

opportunity-396265_640This FULL moon, in Capricorn, at 17 degrees, is PLUTO’s FULL MOON, it is conjunct PLUTO. PLUTO, though elicits thoughts of all kinds of shadow material that can surface, it is truly, simply OUR POWER. Our power focused from outside of
 us or through us.

Is it possible that our greatest power of all powers is CHOICE? The possibility that we can make a choice–is a great power.  One choice can make a life or death decision. One choice can bring revolution or resolution. One choice to forgive can change a relationship, and a state of being forever.  We make small choices, each moment like what kind of attitude or perspective we will have. Larger choices are job, relationship, and home-related. If something is not working, the greatest power we have is to “choose something else.”wood-951875_640

If we are not living in a world that we approve of, love, behold as sacred, we must make the choice to rebuild it, renew it, or bring elements of the whole that we wish to see. We can choose to live somewhere that is fertile ground for the dreams we wish to see in our lives. We can choose a way of working that one day at a time, will build something sacred and worth sharing with the world.

anatomy-254120_640If we are not living in a body that feels good, we can make choices to change it with regenerative substances, and food that renews cells instead of the poisons that are handed to us “over the counter.” Our power is in conscious choice these days. And this time, this next two months it is time to be FIERCE about our CHOICE.

The next FULL MOON, 30 days from now, is a FULL MOON ECLIPSE. We have now entered the “eclipse field,” as I have come to call it. 30 days (one month) before the eclipse.) At 10 days before, July 29, we will enter the 10 day window before the eclipse–that is the most potent time of catharsis and shifting energy. This is peak life/death/phoenix time. We need to listen with our gut and intuition intently and act with precision and responsiveness, because these times are big times. They are not small times anymore. This is a very big window of power and it can kill and it can renew, depending on how much we are paying attention. This is a deep time of claiming and clearing our power in life.

door-1587863_640The key to a smooth and empowering next two months is COMMUNICATION. Clear, empowered intentionful communications with whomever we need to communicate with. We know what we need to do. This is a time to take action and communicate, communicate communicate, with Kali fire, with the sword of truth, with fierce power, quietly or loudly, whatever is appropriate to the situation.

With healthy clear communication, we can make peace out of war, save our life, or the life of another, or transform a situation from a downward to an upward spiral. We have this power, through our CHOICES, and focus of attention. We can hold attention for a spiral up, with fierce clarity, in the face of anything–and now is the time to do that.

The exact time of the FULL MOON is Saturday night July 8, [9:07 pm pdt/ 10:07 pm mdt/ 11:07 pm cdt/ 12:07 am (late night) edt]

Soon after the FULL MOON, this very FULL MOON conjuncts PLUTO for our ultimate challenge in POWER for the year. Exact Pluto conjunction: [11:05 pm pdt/ 12:05 am (late night) mdt/ 1:04 am cdt/ 2:05 pm edt] Will we overcome the challenges to our survival, life, and power? Can we be clear, can we make choices in the face of anything? Can we hold attention for an upward spiral in any situation? That is what is called for in these times! We have the POWER!

meadow-680607_640MOON is SEXTILE NEPTUNE and SQUARE JUPITER earlier in this full moon day, revealing we may feel as if we are surfing in the unknown, we may have a feeling of anxiety, that something is bubbling but we don’t know what. There is a LOT bubbling now and it is very very important that we take action and COMMUNICATE without hesitation or procrastination at this time. It is important that we hold clear intention and re-inforce our own intentions in thought, action and words to others.

smartphone-2269340_640It is important to be firm in our boundaries of “reality.” We are the creators of our reality even more when PLUTO is in the air, and that may be challenged, “even more,” at this time, so our clarity within is important, it will ripple out as needed–as we take actions and communicate. Holding a firm center of who and what we are in this world, in this life, is called for at this time. No Compromises. Compromises to our truth can be deadly at this time, so no bending our truth for another’s unbending attitude. Sometimes we need to take two steps to the side and tell another we are on a path, and they can be on their path, but not ours. Only each of us can know our own path and each path is unique. CHOOSE YOUR PATH.

With PLUTO energy around violence and deep shadow can be traded in any moment for soulfulness. If we are not “listening,” we can get into trouble. When we listen, to our deeper self, we are pure radiant milestones of
clarity for others at this insecure feeling time. Powerful actions to take and choices to make will be offered. Its good to have courage and step into and toward our challenges.

Stand Strong, and Be Clear. May we divine self hear.

Deep Blessings of Empowerment in this FULL MOON window. Charge forward into your dreams. No holding back. Full Power.

. . . . . . . . . . .
Author’s Update: Big changes are happening everywhere including here. I’m tested to stand strong as well in these times. Day by day, I too am making clear choices to spiral up. We need each other’s support at this time, and I’m available to do readings for people in exchange for donations that help to support the wolf pack. Its a good time to go for empowering win-win’s all the way around. Readings for much less than you would normally pay for a professional astrology reading, and contributions support a wolf pack–double intention for your dollars! Donate here, and send me the best times for your reading for you.