May 25, 2017 – NEW MOON in Light-Hearted Gemini – the Death and Rebirth of Love – the Renewal of Fun

ancient-1807518_640This New Moon comes with a leap in maturity, compassion, depth, soulfulness, directive, clarity, and general self-empowerment. The Gemini New Moon is not always so filled with power and rebirth, however today’s comes with VENUS SQUARING PLUTO at [9:19 am pst/ 10:19 am mst/ 11:19 pm pst/ 13:19 pm est]. This aspect invites new life into tired outdated creative aspects of self. It asks us to hit the “Reset button,” on all areas of love, money and how we express ourselves in this world. We are “resetting” ourselves for a higher, clearer sightwhite-tailed-eagle-2015098_640 (1).

The Exact Time of the NEW MOON at 4.47 degrees of Gemini, is [12:44 pm pst/ 1:44 pm mst/ 2:44 pm cst/ 3:44 pm est] this afternoon, ushering in a NEW CYCLE of CREATION. This New Moon comes with new perception, the ability to communicate with light-heartedness, instead of fear, and in general a lot of FRESH AIR! May we lift ourselves out of the struggles, limitations and dark guard over our past energy.

This NEW MOON is a time to be clear about our goals and have an absolutely unwavering focus of intent. Our intention is our power aligned with clarity. May we be clear on a day that calls for this clarity. octagonal-pavilion-1148883_640
Time to breathe deeply this fresh air and new life, into every area of our life, and especially the areas, where Gemini falls in our natal chart.

Its time for new oxygen, new nutrients, and new ideas. Its time to meditate and let go of the old thoughts. Its time to pray and bring in the new light, its time to have gratitude for our bodies made of clay, and bliss that we exist. May we breathe this new life into every cell!oil-in-water-1438382_640

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May 17, 2017 – The Death and Rebirth of Love – Heart Break Open Path

MOON is in Aquarius today, trining the New Moon coming up on May 25th.

e-mail-1978974_640The next NEW MOON in Gemini, is joined by a VENUS SQUARE PLUTO, synthesizing and bringing final impact into the retrograde Venus and retrograde Mercury of the last few months. We are finally making final shifts related to all our deep inner work, inner calls, dreams, longings, and love situations.

Our heart has been on quite a “wringing out,” experience lately and we are not nearly finished yet. Our hearts are being alchemized by the universe into softer, more compassionate, open hearts. For better or for worse, this happens through breaking the heart open. Like other muscles that “have small breaks,” when getting stronger, so too does the heart, need to literally “Break Open.” This breaking open is the path of love. Having our hearts “broken open,” while often revered in the Christian movement where Jesus Christ has a broken open heart that is “Christed,” or “Awakened.” So this next nine days, and the New Moon coming, will offer us the opportunity to awaken our hearts.

separation-2057205_640If we are among those who open our hearts, by having them broken, over and over, may this come as a loving embrace on your tender heart. May you know that as it breaks, it opens, as it is hurt, it becomes more soft, more open to divine intelligence, and more able to create miracles.

This VENUS SQUARE PLUTO and this next NEW MOON will ask us the deepest questions of the heart. We may face life and death in an important matter. Ultimately PLUTO is our pure power. It is our ability to be alive, speak, and express ourselves in this world. This self-expression of what is happening with us, is super important at this time. We will need the companionship of our communities to walk through this next nine days and the New Moon (new beginning related to LOVE) and love’s gifts.

May we hold our own hearts, and the hearts of each other in tenderness and love as we walk toward this Heart-Rite-of-Passage!

May LOVE transform each of us in the best way. May we open our hearts to this divine intelligence.

IMG_0177AUTHOR’s UPDATE – I’m in full wolf sancuary momma mode, however am also re-activating my Astrology Practice through Patreon, at this link:

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May 10, 2017 – FULL MOON in Scorpio with Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Pluto

under-water-1819602_640Like any FULL MOON, this FULL MOON offers a Portal of change, . . . in Scorpio there is added power : life, death and rebirth opportunities. With Jupiter in the 12th house of this moon, gifts, abundance and opportunities may seem to “come out of nowhere,” for everyone in need of one.

On the way in to this FULL MOON, on Tuesday, May 9th, and the days prior, there is a burst of new life, new insight, new encounters, and openings. The FULL MOON asks us to follow through with the threads that feel they “get us,” and are true to our spirit, body and soul, . . . .. the rest of the people, threads and links that do not “nourish our authentic soul,” can be dropped.

MOON entered the sign of the FULL MOON (Scorpio) at 10:01 pm pst on Monday night.  > >

under-water-1819583_640In the realm of information–sometimes we are receiving “half-truths,” or offered some of what works for us and some of what does not. It is up to us to decipher, “what is working,” and “what is not,” and refine accordingly. This is a time to give life to what we know we are to give life to now, and pull the strings from all that is to change, die or rebirth.

MERCURY with URANUS has intuition heightened and syncronistic encounters peaking. This energy is for our journey here. May we listen and communicate well. under-water-1819594_640

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, MOON TRINES NEPTUNE (RISING FULL MOON that is)–offering water, abundance and fluidity support. We are emotional, flowing, moving beings who are offered all that we need by universal forces that love us.
These forces can come through people, banks, checks, mail, communication, rain, rivers, digging in the dirt, or many other ways. Be ready to communicate about and RECEIVE what we most need at this time.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO in the afternoon [12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/3:29 pm edt]  is the last aspect before the FULL MOON, we are supported from realms and from beings from far beyond what we currently think of.flower-670752_1280We are supported by elemental forces, microbial forces, fungal forces, and human forces, to provide us this living co-existent earth–together. This is a FULL MOON of divine to human EMPOWERMENT!

THE EXACT TIME of the FULL MOON today is [2:42 pm pdt/ 3:42 pm mdt/ 4:42 pm cdt/ 5:42 pm edt] This FULLwater-2090476_640MOON at 20 degrees Scorpio, is opposing a Springtime SUN of 20 degrees of Taurus.
Its time to stand for what we stand for, and ROOT down deep from our own personal core–into whatever is our core for us. Its time to spend time with our roots, our core and our own power so we can focus, concentrate, transfigure ourselves and our life’s path according to Divine Will.
We can see deeper than usual. Our soul’s are being reflected to us in different ways. Opportunities are must discern with our soulful eyes of heart and sense.

Its time to deepen and fly. deepen and fly.

This FULL MOON has a MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE building, nearby on the out side of the portal: [exact tomorrow/ Thursday at 10:53 am pdt/ 11:53 am mdt/ 12:53 pm cdt/ 1:53 am edt]. This watery action sign is about divine action that may not be comfortable for us. We work psychic muscles, we learn new soul-ful things, we stretch our imagination to incorporate more of life, we become researchers of our own spiritual path.

May we act with our own powerful Divine in communion. eagle-1835384_640

Author’s Update:  We are at a new location (we’ve just been here a short time). Readings, Follow-Up Readings, and New Readings are available now! (both Free and Paid!)

We are already looking toward moving due to some unhappy and unfortunate nearby neighbors. Luckily we have already found another location. We are in need of immediate supplies via paypal if possible if you would like to donate to the wolf pack and their daily increasing nourishment. A lot is shifting and changing so fast now that we are in summertime. We will send an update to all of you soon. Please contribute to our wolf sanctuary, moving and changing form now–if you can.IMG_0121

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May 2, 2017 – MERCURY STATIONING to GO DIRECT – The Final Shift We’ve All Been Waiting For!

pasque-flower-1331790_640Happy Beltane, Springtime, New Life-time, New seeding time, cultivation time! 

MOON is in Leo, filling us with creative inspiration for spring cultivation time! The lunar aspects today are supportive, abundant and creative.

Meanwhile MERCURY is slowing down to STATION tomorrow (Wednesday) May 3rd at [9:33 am pdt/ 10:33 am mdt/ 11:33 am cdt/ 12:33 pm edt]. This Stationing to go Direct, after three weeks of retrograde. This Mercury Retrograde picked up the tail of Venus Retrograde and carried it into final processing, completion of old stuff and preparation for a whole new Springtime and Beginning.

monks-1077839_640MERCURY has been retrograding since April 9th–asking us to dig deeply into our mind for re-organization. A lot has been re-organizing during this time. There has been a lot of chaos and creative confusion during the longer VENUS RETROGRADE, into MERCURY RETROGRADE. Now alchemically–as MERCURY moves forward, we can allow a new beginning energy to carry us forward. We’ve been asked to do some inner work. We are coming to completion on some very deep inner work and change happening.

When MERCURY STATIONS: there is often chaos and confusion in the area of communications and the little mind of all of us, especially in the transition. Meanwhile, there is a higher order being bestowed. Little out-dated beliefs are upgrading for more expanded open accurate ones, and the creator is having her way with us.  (often perceived issues or ‘mini disasters,’ can actually be opportunities for growth, change and refocusing of attention).

MERCURY STATIONARY DIRECT in Taurus is a springtime dream! Now its time to get feet into soil, plant seeds in gardens and allow ourselves to “relax” into the rising light of spring to summer. Creativity is lifted, openings are coming, abundance is ready to flow again where there have been blocks to flow, and in general a lot of things that were “wound up,” can unwind now. Old friends and lovers were reconnected for new upgrades in life and its time to move forward again with new insight and a refreshed cleaned mind.
full-moon-877914_640May this forward motion move us in the direction of love, peace, service, healing and restoration of wholeness. 

FULL MOON is in about a week, on May 10th, with supportive aspects to outer planets. 
This next week is fertile rising light. It is a highly creative productive time for our projects of this season and year. This is the time to create, plant, plan and share our dreams of now and the future.

MARS will SQuARE NEPTUNE on May 11th and that is always an aspect to be aware of! It can be a bit psychicly tricky to manage, though it is a sign of psychic work and work with the masculine ahead. It is time to heal the misuses of action, energy and power in our lives. Refocusing our energy during this time into more and more constructive focus of attention, is called for. If there is confusion, unclarity or miscommunication,contrast-341360_640may we refine, revise and restore our relationships with our masculine selves everywhere.

This is a time for water work of all kinds!

Don’t worry about spilling liquids, most floors are easily wiped up!

. . . . . . . .

Author’s Update:
We’ve landed in a new off-grid location with the wolf pack, as of two days ago! The animals have not been able to run free and all together in relationship (as they choose) like this for a long time–they’ve been leashed, penned, carred and in general escorted around to try to keep them safe from highways and people and in search of sanctuary. Now we have found a spot for the summerIMG_0073(it is temporary because there is no road access in the winter–unless I develop another way like a dogsled in and out or something–which is possible)–this will be a summer location we can come back to however, next summer too–if that is needed. It is remote enough that there is a lot of space for the animals to run! The Astrologer in me is very very happy because we have a new Verizon Mifi–hotspot out here–and it WORKS! Its so great to be really off-grid and in the “middle of nowhere,” and have telecommunications service! Wow! So I’m available for readings starting on the Mercury Direct day! Tomorrow! –and will be developing Treasure Map for Your Soul. Stay tuned! Much love to you all–thank you for your patience during all the transition of the last few years! I’m happy to land again and feel the ground under my feet, and the ability to work online! Yipppeeeeee!

Though it is so great to see the wolves free and happy, it is time to build a fence! to contain them at least some of the time, from being shot by gun-weilding neighbors who live out here too.  We are raising money for the fence! Please contribute what you can! Thank you!