March 26, 2013 – One, Two, Work Shift

MOON is still in the VOID after a friendly kiss with PLUTO yesterday. MARS SEXTILES JUPITER, pre-dawn, giving wings to our risk-filled, potential-filled steps.  There is an energy, today driving us forward with our actions, as we take steps like Indiana Jones journeying on a thread of intuition, while actions speak through us.

MOON grounds in dual-winged Libra vehicle at 2:31 pm. A new flying machine, a new job, or a new relationship may offer a corner of transition, choice or committment.  MARS in fire power Aries wants freedom, and wants to have streamlined actions that are “on purpose,” and in alignment with the work of the new era. PLUTO in Capricorn is a clean demolition of the past, with a new download for the future.

MARS SQUARE PLUTO this evening at 8:47 pm, pdt, (pacific daylight time) is a shift point of grand proportions. Our basic core energy is asked to change focus, receive new work, new home and/or a new alignment. This change may be 90 degrees in a different direction than our past was taking us. Its ok to shift focus from the old actions and patterns of our past, to root into our new grace-induced movements that seem to be guided by a wise internal energy.

JUPITER SQUARE CHIRON  expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction . . . the universe expands and contracts in cycles. Healing journey’s have mountains and valleys, peaks and dark nights. We too, on all levels, expand, and contract, expand and contract. We feel inspired with new ideas as we share, than we contract when the ideas need work to come into a form. We expand in new love and then contract when the honeymoon turns to the need for clear communication to go on.  We have work in front of us, and there will be contractions and expansions, gifts and challenges, critics and praisers, and it all feeds a journey toward healing the tears in the fabric of our soul.

Good, Bad, Good, Bad, the best time i’ve ever had. Tick TOck, Tick, Tock, steamy dream, ticking clock. May we accept the rises and falls, the goods and the bads, knowing the ups and downs take us further down a path of a syncronistically inter-mingled soul-healing.

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