March 25, 2013 – Imagining Solid Ground

MOON in Virgo has passed its opposition to NEPTUNE yesterday, and seems a little more able to ground a few details and take next steps, especially in the pre-dawn hours. MOON SEXTILE SATURN, just pre-dawn, at 4:01 am, pdt (pacific daylight time), offers grounding after the changing fluidity of MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE. We can ground into the earth, even though it is also changing fast, we can enjoy the stability of SATURN today.  This enjoyment of SATURN’s STABILITY within us, however is being built under a MOON VOID, for most of the day, so the steps we take may be steps that either we’ve taken before, and are taking again, in this funny MOON VOID kind of a way, or we are working energetically–by doing something we will repeat again soon, or we are going into meditation, in the rich purposeful imagining in the VOID, to “see ourselves in the grounding we imagine,” as a means to that grounding and new form-making in the world!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER also pre-dawn, at 4:31 am, pdt, stretches us emotionally into feeling many things at once, or going deeper, or higher, or more truthful than ever before. How have we limited or lied to ourselves, in a way that we can melt that filter?

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 5:45 am, pdt is in the window of dawn and early morning. This aspect, in earth signs, sends the MOON into the VOID between Virgo and Libra.  This in-between period is a magic visioning portal for manifestation, into the earth-plane.

MARS INCONJUNCT SATURN at 1:32 pm,is an uncomfortable aspect between our movement and our structure. We are changing inside and outside, so fast, and it is highly uncomfortable to what we know from the past. We have inner work to do and outer work.  The MOON is VOID today in earth and we can vision our grounding. We can create in our imaginal world, that which we will inhabit in form today. Meanwhile even if we have to repeat a task we do today–we’ll make progress in the energy world in one way or another.

May we allow the mistakes we make with our will and actions, lead us to a shift in our will, to Divine Will.


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