January 8, 2013 – Fire, Water, Activate, Plan ~

MOON entered Fire Sagittarius late last night, to add more necessary humor to our midst. This fire MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE in watery Pisces at 2:34 am, pst (Pacific Standard Time) is a “temperence moment” of balancing odd forces.

As we arise into this morning, MOON TRINE URANUS brings in NEW ENERGY, even as the MOON is waning, we are receiving bursts of New Energy today, as URANUS in Aries grows new archetypal material within us to birth the New World. Every one of us, man or woman, is a midwife, if we continue to be on earth through the next 10 years. Many may choose to leave, (those who were really here for that old world), however those who stay are birthers of the New World.

MOON in Sagittarius OPPOSITE JUPITER in Gemini expands our perception, once again. We cannot remain mentally rigid in the face of this OPPOSITION, or we may break our mind in pieces!  This is a time to think with flexibility and miracle consciousness!  And when in doubt, find humor. When things go awry, try laughing first, before anything else. Try laughing in the moments that feel the least like laughing–what happens?  Laughter is a magical tool we always have at our fingertips to change a situation, or raise our vibration. We can begin by laughing at the way we and other human beings take ourselves “so seriously,” and God is laughing at us. Join God.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 6:28 pm, pst offers physical activation–this is a good evening for a work-out! MOON enters the VOID after this aspect, for the rest of the night and all day Wednesday. MOON is in the Sagittarian FIRE VOID of pre-creation. This MOON wanes, down to the lower part of the cycle. Excersize, rest, excersize, rest, is a good rythm for these next few days.

VENUS enters Capricorn, joining MERCURY there. The two are “very serious” about art and revolution this year. They are doing all kinds of planning starting now.

May our inner midwifery skills be activated as we wind down to the dark mystical part of the lunar cycle! May we take our art seriously and our seriousness with humor. May our planning be made of the Divine Plan.


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