December 2 – 30, 2012 – Rapid Change and Acceleration Period

We have entered a period of intense and rapid change and acceleration.

As an author of this blog, it has been something i write each morning, or the night before the day the blog is about, sharing the “energy of the day ahead.” This eclipse period, with the mercury retrograde, has brought circumstances through which i have not been able to maintain this practice after two years of maintaining it–it finally broke down in the last week, when for the first time in two years, i didn’t write for several days in a row, due to rapid changes, rain, causing power outages, internet black-outs due to rain, etc.  I have also had my own life circumstances, “amped up,” and going through rapid changes. Feeling this quality of energy, i cannot promise WHEN i will be able to write for the next month at least!! I will write when i can!

Each of us is experiencing our own form of rapid change. It is best to stay present, alert and awake, ready to meet the changes and be fluid enough to adapt, integrate and shift quickly as things change rapidly before us.  Gratitude will protect us.

Although it appears we are working our way through a pathway of people, events and circumstances, truly we are making our way toward our transformation. Our rebirth. For each of us, this transformation will be unique, however, this winter, each of us will be “refined in our own personal awakening alchemy,” through this next period of time.

Nomatter what the astrological aspects for each day are, this period will have a quality of increased and rapid change. If we are surfing well, we will see each ending as an opening into “all possibliity,” and into “the great unknown.”  From this place of unknown, or void, we can create ANYTHING! When something ends, look at what opens and follow the open energy, follow the invitations that feel good. When one door closes, or one situation begins to feel incorrect for our perfect timing, we can quickly change plans and choose the path of most grace. There will always be a path of grace if we look for it, in any situation.

This is a time to pray for the world and pray for and with each other. The moment something is uncomfortable or “doesn’t look good,” in any way, that is a moment to say a prayer, asking for what we would most like to see. This is a time to be clear about what we want, and clear about what we are choosing in each moment.

Here is a secret practice: When something happens that we don’t like, or that is a limitation of any kind, ask ourselves, “Now that this has happened, what could happen next that would be a win, win for everyone, or “How might we bring grace in to this situation,” what might that look like?  How would i most like to see this unfold, if it were up to me?

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