October 12, 2012 – Diverse Planetary Web

MOON TRINE PLUTO in the middle of the night ushers us further into our soulwork–whatever work that is–we know what it is.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY near dawn, 6:22 am, pdt offers a day focused on Communications Healing and Magic. Moon in Virgo is in service to healing, identifying what is out of balance and righting it, TRINING MERCURY in Capricorn, just moving away from its ultimate constrictive, boundary-setting meeting with SATURN a little over a week ago. We’re still harmonizing our world after the constriction alchemy and SATURN adjustment we went through.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS early morning is a sweet soft energy that can harmonize any rough edge with feminine voices, touch and food.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 4:48 pm, gives us an opportunity to “stretch our vocabulary,” we might need a new word or two!

May the diverse planetary contacts of today donate a vast cultural web to our newly forming infrastructure for perfect changes.

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