May 1, 2012 – Happy Fertile Beltane of our Solar System!

This BELTANE is like a Soul of Beltane of our Solar System!  The most fertile feminine powers are emerging as we are days away from a 100 plus year Venus cycle point, meanwhile today’s aspects bring intense soul-driven masculine in supportive aspect with the grounded healing feminine. It is possible on a day like today for a collective and personal shift that crosses us into a ‘new era of soul.’  We may fall in love with our own soul and the soul of the world in a way that we never go back to the stale “separation consciousness”-driven old world.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS in the middle of the night at 1:26 am has us on a path of improvement. (MARS) inseminating us with some universal intelligence which will take root inside (MOON) all day, growing our soul’s and life’s work more deeply into our bodies.

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 8:30 am pdt, births our day with a cathartic shift point. We have a PLUTO support, to death and rebirth our HOME/MOON space. How would we like to transition to a higher state of home? (we can use this force to make powerful changes in home or self)

SUN TRINE MOON at 12:34 pdt, how symbolic of next steps for Masculine (SUN) and Feminine (MOON) to take “next steps,” on our journey toward healing, wholeness and joy for ourselves in relationship with all of life.

With a MOON in Virgo in a GRAND TRINE with SUN in Taurus and PLUTO in Capricorn, we have a ring of earth, able to manifest anything in a single day! May the manifest earth be heaven. May we invite each other to paradise that we’ve created for the other.

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