July 15, 2011 – Awakening Moon

Today, we rise with the MOON freshly in Mountain-based Capricorn.  Upon entering the earth-achievement sign, it immediately SQUARES URANUS in Ari of source. This morning we are born anew, cleared of spiritual cobwebs! MOON moves into Aquarius at 1:30 pm pdt, opening our spirits like giant nectar tongues, ready to taste higher truth.

At 9:56 pm pdt, MOON in Aquarius SEXTILES URANUS in Aries, adding comedic or outrageous fuel to our community spirit and awakening consciousness.

October 1, 2011 – White Fire Sacred Fun

MOON in Sagittarius TRINED URANUS in Aries in the middle of the night and we’re inspired by the revolution in our dreams.

FIRE MOON TRINES FIRE MARS at 10:29 am, pdt, and we’re alive with action energy, revolutions, and new beginnings.

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 11:31 am, pdt, (pacific daylight time). Masculine and Feminine are dancing in harmony!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 3:58 pm pdt and communications are graceful.

SUN INCONJUNCT JUPITER at 8:57 pm pdt. Jupiter expands our creative masculine side with food and senses. Take care not to over-eat tonight!

May your weekend aim for galactic center!