October 25, 2011 – Productive Completions

Happy Deep DARK MOON!  Today is the LAST DAY of the HIGH PRIESTESS (the third cycle) in the 18 lunar cycle portal that began at the New Moon of July 30th. We’ve been gestating something and it will BIRTH during the next cycle, the cycle of the EMPRESS!

MOON in Libra SEXTILES MARS in Leo and CONJUNCTS SATURN this evening.  When Mars and Saturn get together they are super productive.  Together they create a machine. This New Moon coming will have this power in its New Creation and Birth energies.  TOday we are in the last COMPLETION of the old.  We have a ONE MORE FINAL RELEASE of the old.

With this MOON SATURN conjunction this evening in this DARK last day of the cycle, we can make SUPER-COMPLETIONS.  We can complete old feelings, old relationships, old self’s, old ways of communicating, old ways of being in the world.  Today is a final completion day!  Its a good day to ritualize these completions consciously.

We can meditate on “everything that has been difficult, painful, isolating and fragmenting.”  We can release all the old consciousness from our selves, like pouring ourselves out!  This super-empty-moment prepares us for the POWERFUL NEW LIFE that is mysteriously unknown in its flower, yet, has the POWER of the whole transforming universe under it!  This next creation cycle is one of the most powerful!  May you allow your wildest dreams to rest in the unborn potential of this next New Moon, but first RELEASE, CLEANSE, COMPLETE and LET GO!! . . . with love.


October 24, 2011 – Deep Water Healing Chamber

SUN freshly into deep-water-Scorpio TRINES CHIRON in vast-water-Pisces at 6:37 am, pdt and our own power, sexuality and deep creativity is our greatest source of healing.

MOON moves into Cardinal Air LIBRA at 8:49 am, pdt and we’re touched once again in with the CARDINAL CROSS of change in inner leadership!

MOON OPPOSES URANUS at 11:11 am, pdt and we’re in a breakthrough and change energy!

MOON in Leadership air SQUARES PLUTO in Leadership-earth at 5:12 pm, pdt and we can release and let go of that which is changing!

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS at 10:59 pm, pdt reveals a breakthrough and change energy in our creative and masculine expression late at night. Earthquakes inside and out shake apart our old foundations for our masculine and creativity inside!

October 23, 2011 – Practical Steps for Winter

MOON in preparedness Virgo SEXTILES MERCURY in Depth-Seeking Scorpio this morning at 9:48 am, pdt and we are called to do some winter-prepping for our months ahead.

SUN enters SCORPIO from Libra at 11:30 am, pdt and there is a sense of heading into a deeper place inside. We’re going deep-sea-diving for self-sustaining gems over this next month.

MOON in Virgo SEXTILES VENUS in Scorpio at 1:47 pm, pdt and our love and affection-meter is saying, “more affection and deep loving expression is needed to survive this next phase!”

The MOON goes VOID at 1:47 pm, before going into Libra tomorrow morning. In between Virgo and Libra we clean and prepare our psyche’s for a new level of relationship. We’re ready to mature to another level, so we can go deeper and higher!

October 22, 2011 – Fall Clean-Out!

Pre-Dawn, we may feel underwater or overwhelmed with MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE.  One way or another we rise talking to our own ocean. We may feel lots of slightly unidentifiable feelings as they float by on our river of life this morning.

SUN in Libra SEXTILES MOON in Leo at 5:34 am, bringing light into these flowing emotional places, just before dawn. This is the last day of SUN in LIBRA, before moving into SCORPIO!  This inspirational wind is good for blowing our desktops clean, by attending to needed communications for our projects, to complete this cycle.

MOON enters clean-up-oriented-VIRGO at 7:40 am, pdt for a morning that is about getting down to the details and taking care!

MOON TRINES PLUTO late afternoon at 4:27 pm, pdt, touching our soul with practical cathartic clean-out energy. This MOON is WANING, pulling the last bits of emotional, creative and financial purification from our polishing vessel-selves, refining our ability to LISTEN in the High Priestess Cycle, as listening is a deep form of power at this time!  Purging is not always comfortable, but it feels so good afterward!  Today is for purging on many levels!

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 5:55 pm marks a moment of breakthrough and reward, especially if we really did clean and organize all day!  Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say, and Jupiter will take us there–to the God, inside of cleaning.

Magical Falling leaves to you today!  May they fall with grace. sweeping our psychic and emotional insides CLEAN!


October 21, 2011 – Creative Visionary Next Step

Pre-dawn, we’re in communications tension with MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 12:52 am, pdt. It’s nothing more than a “square dance” between masculine and feminine as MERCURY and VENUS are in SCORPIO SQUARING the MOON and MARS in LEO.  This Water to Fire Square has us focused on the reality that our “sexual-creative” energy is what fuels us and the world.  This powerful force of life, our sexuality–is eternally tied to our creativity. Healthy channeling of sexual-creative energy allows us to thrive in the world.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at dawn – 6:26 am, pdt (pacific daylight time).  Our inner emotional conversation about masculine and feminine is in a full “square dance,” as fixed water Scorpio talks to fixed fire Leo, making peace with our current state of love and affection, creativity and vitality!

Leo MOON SEXTILES SATURN in Libra at 4:36 pm, pdt and we may receive soothing from the earlier square as we ground into the creative harmony between the Moon and Saturn and the gift of both grounded & creatively-inspired relationships.

SUN at the end of Libra TRINES NEPTUNE at the very end of Aquarius at 4:57 pm, pdt, and we are gifted a Creative Visionary Next Step.  The Sun, our creative masculine, is pairing up in a supportive trine with our Planet of movement and FLOW!  “We are the ones”–(little Gods)–embodying the divine, into our lives through divinely inspired plans and projects. We’re called by divine callings, trumpets are blowing–and the next step is clear!

Our creativity is a-flowin’ and so is our sexuality as we approach the Scorpio season, with Venus and Mercury already in Scorpio.  We’re learning to harness, love, evolve, and hold space for our sexual-creative selves!! Our sexual-creative energy is the most sacred, weaving temple space, with our soul-light. May we have more compassion, understanding and healthy expression of our sensual living soul-light this day!