April 4, 2011 – Meeting our Ocean

Moon conjuncts Mercury at the end of Aries at 3:04 am pst, heading us into a communicative, yet Moon Void Of Course Day.  We have so much to communicate on this Monday Morning, and, it might be a better day to turn off the electricity and meditate with the changes happening in our etheric field, as Neptune is transitioning from one life-phase of ours, to another.

TODAY NEPTUNE shifts from Aquarius, where it has been for the last 13 years. We are moving from a flow of community, technology and interconnectedness, to a spirituality that is more mature, we are being asked in Pisces to master our spiritual journey, through the deeper and wider expansion of our hearts, our imaginations, and our capacity to dream the world into being.

Neptune is happy to be in its HOME SIGN of PISCES.  Inside of us, the part of us that swims through life, always “flowing down the river” of life, shifts into its home sign, THE OCEAN (Pisces).  We can return to our personal garden of eden.  We can love our life and do what we love by simply FEELING into what that is.  Whatever we have been dreaming for the last 13 years, reaches the OCEAN it has been swimming toward.  We will meet “our own personal dream” over the next 13 years.

Neptune in Pisces says, “Let Yourself Flow, into Your Own Personal Ocean of Divinity and Imagination.”  This is a time to evolve and master our spiritual beliefs so the banks of our river are strong for the times to come.

Neptune in Aquarius, AIR, has had many people smoking for the last 13 years.  They may gracefully feel to shift that at this time, as NEptune shifts from air to water, and some unconscious part of us that is all connected to each other and to source, is shifting from air to water.  Pisces asks us to surrender, pray, conspire with Divinity, and play with our essence in this world in a way that brings out the divine essence of others around us . . .

The day may feel a little watery, spacey, zoney, or flowey, or highly spiritual at its best.  The day will be whatever your version of a NEPTUNE experience may be.

This Neptunian experience can likely GROUND in us more easily with the EARTH MOON entering TAURUS at 4:46 pm.  Immediately this EARTH MOON sextiles NEPTUNE one minute into its Taurian sign.  GOOD High Frequency FOOD is good grounding.  By evening–we can ground our spacey spiritual high deep inner transition day!

Happy Floating down your own RIVER to your OCEAN today!  and May Good Food Ground you at the end of your day, like soothing inner alchemized water with fire, enjoyed in earth, by the BULL, our Taurus self, that loves food and beauty!

April 2, 2011 – Power and Season of Destruction

Today is the last day in the lunar cycle we are completing and we arose with the MOON in ARIES, connecting with the SUN by being “closest” to it, then conjuncting Mars.  FIRE POWER, and yet today is at the end of a waning moon.  This energy is perfect for starting a parasite cleanse or weeding a garden.  We can weed our psychic gardens as well!

VENUS SEXTILES PLUTO in the morning to give grace and feminine divine into the way that we remove unwanted life,  parasite cleansing, mentally, physically and spiritually–GO!  We kill off the thoughts and things that might block our sunlight (attention) from the delicate creations we wish to bring into the world next!

MOON conjuncts URANUS in the morning and SQUARES PLUTO in the evening framing the day with forces that are larger than we are, that support us to grow and change.  May the source of graceful change be with you!


FEB 2 – Sacred Holy Day – Imbolc

April Fools!  I disappeared!  Now i’m back, but its April 2nd now.  This is my April FOOL’s Joke!  Happy FOOLS!  This truly is a fool’s journey, this life, and even more as we walk toward the surreal encounter we have with the Grand Shift and Awakening that continues to build to its peaking point in the next few years, it is important for each of us to have in mind our own journey, each step lined with the velvety natural feeling of cleared intuition guiding the way.  What bliss it is to feel ourselves on OUR right path, slipping through realities one step at a time, one syncronicity after the next, saying, “right place, right time!”

If this is not your experience, it is time to get with your path.  If you find yourself NOT on YOUR own path, the FIRST STEP is THE FOOL.  We must step OFF OF THE LIFE THAT IS NOT OUR RIGHT PATH, like the Fool jumping off the cliff!  The natural order of things has us feeling like we are free-falling off of the edge of a cliff, when we first take this leap of faith.  Our ego-selves that track our world for us, will feel like “we” are dying, as the ego is falling off of its well-maintained tower.  By jumping off of a life that is not in alignment with us, we save ourselves from some external “natural disaster.”

If you are already an April Fool, and have already leapt into your real life, then this continues to be a topsy turvy time, like it or not, so best to LOVE IT!

Mars Conjunct Uranus in our field as we BIRTH a NEW CYCLE OF CREATION and it is important to “kill off” kindly, the internal life, like parasites in our intestines, and weeds in our vegetable gardens, that we do not wish to see proliferate in this life-giving season.  This is the time to do cleanses and weed gardens, with power.  Meanwhile the seeds, projects and realities we want to implant into our future experience can be planted at this New Moon on the 3rd. Deep Birthing Prepartive, put both hands on the bat and allow your arms to move in a pumping motion up and down, allowing the waves of anger to move as you pump.  It may take a few pumps and some intention to stimulate the memories of what is needing to be cleared, but if you focus for at least fifteen or so pumps, it will begin to flow.  You will feel silly at first, but this is a simple way to allow this stuffed anger inside our bodies and psyches to clear itself out.

Another way to move intense emotions: Drumming Circles can be great places to allow the movement of the earth to shake the body until it releases everything it needs to release.  Then we are cleared and there is fresh alive space for new life.

Deep New Moon Blessings.