February 13, 2020 – Power Challenge, Break-Through, Catharsis

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [6:20 am pst/ 7:20 am mst/ 8:20 am cst/ 9:20 am est] brings a day of potential tension to overcome, we can release isolation or cold separation anxiety, to achieve right use of balanced power, through the warmth of healthy interconnected power. How can we transform the misuses of power around us, in realms of money, survival or basic health? How do we overcome our own challenges in these areas? Today is a day for solutions, tactical right actions and intuitive responses.

SUN TRINE MOON [7:17 am pst/ 8:18 am mst/ 9:18 am cst/ 10:18 am est] brings the grace of Heaven’s order down into the POWER and AUTHORITY TESTING day. May the grace of the two lights, pour into the world now dying, and being born.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [10:46 am pst/ 11:46 am mst/ 12:46 pm cst/ 1:46 pm est] Personal obstacles take place in our ability to respond, have boundaries, and define what is before us in a healthy way that brings progress instead of destruction.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [1:40 pm pst/ 2:40 pm mst/ 3:40 pm cst/ 4:40 pm est] is a pathway of synergistic action. With Right Action, we cut through oppressive chaos.

MOON is VOID between Libra and Scorpio [between 1:40 pm pst and 9:54 pm pst] transitioning us from fluff to focus.

MOON enters Scorpio [4:37 pm pst/ 5:37 pm mst/ 6:37 pm cst/ 7:37 pm est]

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [9:54 pm pst/ 10:54 pm mst/ 11:54 pm cst/ 12:54 am est] This is a midnight flash of transformative insight, breakthrough and revolution.
. . . . . .

Author’s Note: We are in an intense changing of energy modes. This has this blog appearing irregularly. The weekly audio podcasts at COSMIC MEDICINE will be more consistent. This blog will be on some poignant energy days.

Readings: The mythic theme of this year is AUTHORITY and POWER. Readings are focused on adjusting and increasing personal responsibility for healthy authority and healthy power. All Questions are answered.

February 8-9, 2020 – FULL MOON in Your HEART!

FULL MOON in Leo opposite the SUN in Aquarius on February 8th [11:33 pm pst/ 12:33 am mst/ 1:33 am cst/ 2:33 am est] is activating the radical individual creativity that contributes to the “dawning of the age of Aquarius.” We each have something creative to offer to this incoming new era, as we walk forward from a dying old world. 

Our heart’s truest and deepest desires are aflame at this time, and that may be brought on by seeing things that trigger the opposite of our heart’s desire. When we are triggered into the “opposite of what we desire,” as in the opposition of a FULL MOON, can light up polarities.  In this Leo full moon, “what my heart wants, and what it doesn’t.”

Sometimes the heart has a lot to say, it desires a lot, it is ALIVE, we often want to put it in a box, or shut it up. Like–putting our heart in a jar! Its time in this next week–to take our heart out of the jar and listen, tend to it and allow its fullness of desire to emanate out into this co-creative divine world.

Beyond the complaints, and sadness, unmet needs that may not have been as well tended to as could be, there is a strong vibrant heart that radiates with all the love, authority and power of our creator. Our own heart has the resource to work around every wound, sadness and unmet need. There is resource in the heart to fuel more than this one lifetime. The heart is more vast than one incarnation. This vast resource we each have within is activated now in this FULL MOON!

[8:08 am pst/ 9:08 am mst/ 10:08 am cst/ 11:08 am est] is a supercharge early in the day on February 9th, just after the FULL MOON in Leo revving up our desire body, our creativity and the fire in our heart! Its time to let the heart out of the box we attempt to put it into. There is energy and force in this area and we cannot contain it. The love of humanity must be unleashed! Do it! Just LOVE!

MOON enters Virgo [3:39 pm pst/ 4:39 pm  mst/ 5:39 pm cst/ 6:39 pm est] just in time to put out the explosions of the heart. Each sign is an antidote to the sign before. So as Leo ignites the passion of the heart, on fire, Virgo brings us to earth, asks us to be practical and address these things with a plan.

MOON TRINE URANUS [8:31 pm pst/ 9:31 pm mst/ 10:31 pm cst/ 11:31 pm est] is a breakthrough of compassion, a breakthrough of foregiveness. A time of radically altering our lives to live up to the calling of our heart!

May we honor the heart of all people at this time. May we re-member that the call of these times is to EXPAND THE HUMAN HEART and to LOVE. This LOVE, is meant for every aspect of life, not just romance, it is meant to enter EVERYTHING and EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. All creatures great and small and all of life is meant to feel the radiance of all our love. May we re-member love. May we live through the power of our heart’s wisdom.

Author’s Note: Wow! That was a bunch of chaos and change! I thought I was going to get you a blog sooner but my winter break carried on as I moved back toward the Southwest from a short visit to California, connecting with allies as we head toward a new model of an eco-farm! I’ve been prioritizing funding sourcing for the animal projects we are working on! I’ll update anyone interested in our animal work soon! HAPPY FULL MOON in YOUR HEART! 

COSMIC MEDICINE PODCAST for the week ahead:
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January 28, 2020 – Day Work on Change into Magical Evening

is still in Pisces, connecting with the SATURN PLUTO conjunction in Capricorn. These signs together can make music or create form right from the invisible energies.

MOON SQUARE MARS [1:30 am pst/ 2:30 am mst/ 3:30 am cst/ 4:30 am cst/ 5:30 am est] is a corner of action. We are in action. We know what actions to take, they act THROUGH us. Divine Will acts Through us. We are Divine Will Acting today.

[1:34 am pst/ 2:34 am mst /3:34 am cst/ 4:44 am est] is a drop into our river again. Toss in the raft, jump in and flow! See who is in there today with us and celebrate. For with a NEPTUNE aspect we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. Its time to . . . gather ourselves together, banish the word struggle from our attitude and our vocabulary. We Are The ones We’ve Been Waiting For.

MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:34 am pst/ 3:34 am mst/ 4:34 am cst/ 5:34 am est] is a corner of emotional process. May it be wise.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [3:02 am pst/ 4:02 am mst/ 5:02 am cst/ 6:02 am est] is a sweetness within that percolates out into beauty love and good food!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [2:21 pm pst/ 3:21 pm mst/ 4:21 pm cst/ 5:21 pm est] deepens–and gives a choice of the higher path of soul or the lower path of fear. May we rise above fear and into our soul flags flying.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [5:06 pm pst/ 6:06 pm mst/ 7:06 pm cst/ 8:06 pm est] is a connection with our work path. SATURN and PLUTo will be together all year REVOLUTIONIZING many things and creating an atmosphere of potential tests, fears or limitations to overcome as we step by step the work we know we are doing and need to do now. The work that is truly ours. We know what that work is! This is the year to be doing it!


January 27, 2020 – FLOW, Abundance, Dancing with the Divine

MOON in Pisces–Its a WATER day!

This is a day for GOING WITH THE FLOW. VENUS CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE [12:00 pm pst/ 1:00 pm mst/ 2:00 pm cst/ 3:00 pm est] . This is a super pace of flow, that we may need to reach to keep up with! Or emotions may be running fluidly, as VENUS conjuncts emotional NEPTUNE while MARS adds fuel to the REVOLUTIONARY energy of SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [5:13 pm pst/ 6:13 pm mst/ 7:13 pm cst/ 8:13 pm est] offers a comfort expansion. The comfort zone is getting bigger today!

May we accept the things we cannot change and change the things we can, flowing with the river of our path.

Author’s Note: The computer wouldn’t turn on for about 12 hours! Its back on now! Wow! Computer momentary disappearance delayed COSMIC MEDICINE until tomorrow now!

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January 25, 2020 – HAPPY NEW MOON! Communications Actions!

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! This is the new cycle outside of the eclipse cycle we just completed. That dark moon we just crossed was a deep purification of the crevices of what needs to purify in order for each to move forward in integrity and in clarity. Whatever may have been the last confusion, or the last cobweb, was sucked out at that dark moon time the last few days. Dark moons do this. They suck out the old cobwebs and often don’t feel that great for most of us–the last few days before the cycle shifts. So the last few days have been that purge and the eclipse really went deep! So congratulations! You made it! Now we enter a clean fresh new cycle that takes us from winter toward spring as the energy rises from a very low wintery resting and cleansing point in time.

NEW MOON in Aquarius, yesterday (friday) afternoon [1:42 pm pst/ 2:42 pm mst/ 3:42 pm cst/ 4:42 pm est] was with a SQUARE to NEPTUNE. SO this cycle is very much a forging into the unknown cycle. We may each feel our journey is “unknown,” and that is ok and appropriate at this time of “seeing into our vision forward,” not into the physical world, but into what is not created yet, and is being created through us. Especially now at this pre-spring time, the solar creation energy is still a gentle sprout. Now lunar energy is rising in a new cycle. A cycle of Aquarian community and the New Saturn. New Structure, New Work and New ways of expressing ourselves in work, in structure and in form. Aquarius is the more modern saturn ruler. The Saturn ruler that takes us from 3-D Saturn to tech Saturn and beyond.

MERCURY SEXTILE MARS [5:09 am pst/ 6:09 am mst/ 7:09 am cst/ 8:09 am est] is an aspect that instigates forging ahead with communications areas. Mars asks for action. It can be driven. Mercury (communications and our mind) has new territory to enter. New apps to upload and new infrastructure online to build to keep up with new online business times. Good Luck in this New Techy cycle!

MOON SEXTILE MARS [10:34 am pst/ 11:34 am mst/ 12:34 pm cst/ 1:34 pm est] is an action that expands our potential, our ability or our mobility.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [11:06 am pst/ 12:06 pm mst/ 1:06 pm cst/ 2:06 pm est] is a psychic hit from our creator. When we listen today–our guidance is RIGHT THERE in our ear. Our speaking is a river. There is energy in communications today! Its ALIVE!

This is a weekend of transcendence of whatever we were overcoming in the eclipse cycle. There was a big rest, transformative pull in that cycle and it was a lot of psychic work for all of us. Congratulations! This cycle is a little looser of the intensity of SATURN and PLUTO and the eclipse. We are still in the revisioning SATURN PLUTO dynamic all year which calls us to redo, redo, redo our work, our infrastructure.

We are giving birth now to the infrastructure that can allow us to move forward into a new era and a new time of restoration of the earths living systems. No other way will work so we will get to that place as a global village. Repair and restore. The consciousness is swirling in that direction. It just hasn’t landed in our collective with government world leaders able to articulate it yet. We are leaning there. May we see our global community heading into a truly Aquarian time of loving and caring about every human on the earth. And the restoration of our wild home.

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: I took a winter break the last two weeks. I needed to allow the quiet and rest of the last two weeks of the eclipse cycle. Thank you for your patience with my disappearance. Puranjoti Kaur and I will return in tomorrows blog: with “Cosmic Medicine.” the Podcast.

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