October 15, 2019 – Shadow of Mercury Retrograde

MOON is in Taurus, aspecting all the Scorpio planets.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [1:33 am pdt/ 2:33 am mdt/ 3:33 am cdt/ 4:33 am edt] awakens us with a charged atmosphere. light and action today.

MOON TRINE SATURN [1:44 pm pdt/ 2:44 pm mdt/ 3:44 pm cdt/ 4:44 pm edt] is a harmonious grounding aspect. With our feet on the ground, anything is possible. Earth under our feet is a manifestation readiness.

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE [3:44 pm pdt/ 4:44 pm mdt/ 5:44 pm cdt/ 6:44 pm edt] is a fluid energy with the MERCURY that is now in Scorpio crossing over the retrograde degrees, that it will retrograde back over in November.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [5:23 pm pdt/ 6:23 pm mdt/ 7:23 pm cdt/ 8:23 pm edt] adds more water and fluidity to the day. We can “go with the flow.” and all will work out.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [5:33 pm pdt/ 6:33 pm mdt/ 7:33 pm cdt/ 8:33 pm edt] actativates a charged atmosphere related to the MERCURY that is in its SHADOW now. Meaning, last Saturday, MERCURY crossed over 11 degrees Scorpio, which is the degree that Mercury will retrograde back to, from its stationary Retrograde on Halloween at 27 degrees of Scorpio. Sometimes the shadow, crossing the degrees it will retrograde over soon, the pre-retrograde shadow can be felt with the slippery circular communications activations of MERCURY RETROGRADE.

May we see the divine circles that the sacred Mercury Retrograde in its final water sign retrograde this year in November is bringing us already in its pre-shadow. May the circular motion be our ally! Resuscitating and cleaning power from the past.

Author’s Note: I have a pdf info-download on MERCURY RETROGRADES in this year. I’ll try to make it available for download right here, however until I figure that tech piece out, e-mail me for the free download. covering Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in this final phase of the water retrogrades this year. I also have free courses and a weekly practice coming. Stay tuned!

October 14, 2019 – Radiant Power Shift

In line with the theme of SATURN and PLUTO coming closer through the spring, creating a Pressure Cooker for each of us, in our own stew of evolution, SUN SQUARES PLUTO today [12:36 am pdt/ 1:36 pm mdt/ 2:36 am cdt/ 3:36 pm edt] in a corner of our own inner light, coming into the work needed to make the power shifts needed for our life to be in alignment with a higher path, that we enjoy more!

MOON enters Taurus, [at 9:24 am pdt/ 10:24 am mdt/ 11:24 am cdt/ 12:24 pm edt] into earth in transformation, with Uranus overseeing there.  MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS [at 7:29 pm pdt/ 8:29 pm mdt/ 9:29 pm cdt/ 10:29 pm edt] for a revelatory renaissance of colorful us!

May we thrive on the color and invention that comes from within to without today in the Uranian wild energy. Nature is wild and so is Uranus, the cosmos has nature in everything, even in us–what does nature do in us today as its in a radical wow moment? 

October 13, 2019 – FULL MOON in Aries

, across the Aries Libra axis, points to our experiences in relationships. This place of relating with others, often termed “the partnership and self area” Libra/Aries, brings up in our mind, how relationships have  been for us and how we are birthing our own life through each interaction. This FULL MOON takes place [at 2:08 pm pdt/ 3:08 pm mdt/ 4:08 pm cdt/ 5:08 pm edt]

There’s an over-riding story at play, underneath this full moon, that is a longer story-line, yet inescapable, this time period between now and Springtime. It is SATURN inching closer to PLUTO, pressuring us. These Saturn Pluto pressures are basic forces of authority and power that we either embody or give away. We either push into this conjunction as it comes, with our own force of intent, hard work and bringing something new into form, or we fall down under its pressure as victims, with a lack of focus. If we do not focus, focus, work, focus, focus, work, on what we love and for what we love during this tightening pressure manifestation power aspect, then we may be so uncomfortable under the pressure of it, that it squishes us.

We do not want to be squished, so it is important during the rest of this week, as the light of the FULL MOON in Aries/Libra is still lighting up the way before us, to cleanse the old ways of doing relationship, the disempowered, unhappy, or hurtful ways of the past.  We are inviting, embodying and calling forth, the new relationship models, interactive communications forms, and ways of refining the human experience through new forms. Because we are in a changing of era’s, modes and ways of being for humanity, the SATURN PLUTO speaks to this as a place of building new forms, however it is all based on how we do power and authority in order to do that.

Do we project authority outside of ourselves, where is it? Can we bring it in? How do we experience power in our lives? Is our power with others balanced? How can we balance our own power more?

What do we truly desire in the relationships around us–can we achieve it? What is needed? 

October 11, 2019 – MOON VOID all day, heading toward a FULL MOON

 MOON SQUARE JUPITER predawn, makes for a waking up feeling like there’s so much happening that we are called to expand beyond our old capacities, into new ones.

Today the MOON is VOID from [ 2:55 am pdt/ 3:55 am mdt/ 4:55 am cdt/ 5:55 am edt] MOON SEXTILES PLUTO, then goes VOID! This has us waking up into a VOID that is still related to our balancing our power in the world.

MOON enters ARIES, the sign of FULL MOON, [at 9:46 pm pdt/ 10:46 pm mdt/ 11:46 pm cdt/ 12:46 am late night edt] this ends the slippery VOID and brings us into the weekend!

This is a transition and completion day. In a VOID, its a good time to go back and do all the things that didn’t get done before. (its not so good for new things, they may not have any traction).

FULL MOON is October 13th, 2019 – its an active FULL MOON with tests and the flowering of beauty and experience that can top our ideas of beauty and syncronicity. May we stay clear on our desired intentions and outcomes, especially during powerful times like this. This FULL MOON is partnership and self-focused. With PLUTO having just moved direct the OPPOSITION of the SUN and MOON in the FULL MOON of Libra/Aries, definately asks us to unwind the misuses of power in our relationships and put balancing power structures in place. Its a time of individuality, relationship and balancing these two. We are also “flowering” our self in relationship with others!

October 10, 2019 – Day of Flow to Evening Healing

MOON still in watery Pisces today brings an imaginal world energy.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 pm mdt/ 6:48 pm cdt/ 7:48 pm edt] is part of the fluidity today, right in the morning theres good communications energy.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:08 pm pdt/ 3:08 pm mdt/ 4:08 pm cdt/ 5:08 pm edt] is the place where there’s form to hold water. Earthy planets and signs are good to hold water. There’s stability even with the day of flow.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [6:33 pm pdt/ 7:33 pm mdt/ 8:33 pm cdt/ 9:33 pm edt] is flow. Big flow into our little flow.

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON [8:31 pm pdt/ 9:31 pm mdt/ 10:31 pm cdt/ 11:31 pm edt] reminds us that we are still on the healing journey. The healing continues–the feminine is having her time with Chiron, whereas on Tuesday, the Masculine was with the wounded healer for the evening.

Author’s Note: Thank you to those of you who contacted me so far regarding our experience of power, along with the Pluto shift in directions and all the responses to power moving. Its been such an interesting time to see how there is our individual journey and then so much that we share, as a collective.  I’m watching for levers of collective empowerment, which automatically empower each one in it–with goodness.