July 20, 2018 – Deep Water Creativity and Learning

solar-eclipse-2691973_640MOON is in deep water Scorpio today. Yesterday the MOON and SUN were square, crossing us to the light and waxing side of the lunar cycle, heading for a FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Aquarius.

SUN enters Leo on Sunday, in preparation for the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE across the aquarius / leo axis.eclipse-2670216_640This will be a total lunar eclipse taking place on July 27, 2018. It comes with a VENUS TRINE PLUTO, so this is a highly creative, test of our power, and ability to overcome challenges with creative genius.

This morning, in the midst of this potentially volatile, changeful eclipse energy, MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:05 am pdt/ 3:05 am mdt/ 4:05 am cdt/ 5:05 am edt] offers sweet grounding energy in this highly charged eclipse field energy with volatility and extremes, shadow clearing and long-awaited changes.rain-2538429_640

MOON SQUARE MARS [5:12 am pdt/ 6:12 am mdt/ 7:12 am cdt/ 8:12 am edt] this morning may test us in the area of action, freedom and actions for change.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [4:40 pm pdt/ 5:40 pm mdt/ 6:40 pm cdt/ 7:40 pm edt] Water to earth, creative feminine into our receptive mind, we can receive the guidance we need to provide the creative genius needed by our life at this time.road-3478977_640

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [7:28 pm pdt/ 8:28 pm mdt/ 9:28 pm cdt/ 10:28 pm edt] is a learning curve expansion. Inside of an eclipse field, Jupiter asks us to expand our comfort zone, to use our genius and take the actions that reveal themselves to us, as next steps. We can “follow the light,” before us. Jupiter will light the way.

Prayers and Blessings for all nervous systems, psyche’s and states of being amidst the shake-up change field! May we all change in grace and flow of what is cooking and flowing within. 

July 18, 2018 – Oooooh La Change la la

legs-434918_640Today is a day of sexy changes.

MOON is in Libra, the sign of partnership, talking, and airy details that inspire us to beauty. Flower petals falling at just the right moment, the smell of essence perfume of us, wafts of flowers and fruit, pies and baked goods. These are the things that inspire. Smells, touch, and stories.

roads-320371_640MOON SQUARE PLUTO [11:43 pm pdt/ 12:43 am mdt / 1:43 am cdt / 2:43 am edt late night] is the one and only aspect today–providing all the change and all the sexy. Pluto alone can do this. Square the moon, means we have “work,” . . . inner and outer most likely. The square builds all day until peaking in the wee hours.
. . . .
may all the change be willing, may we surrender to what is in our highest good, unfolding before us. Change is inevitable, may we change willing and well! 

July 17, 2018 – Morning Void, overcoming limitations with small actions

SUN SEXTILE MOON pre dawn sends MOON into the VOid. This is a nice pause in the morning. . . until MOON enters Libra at [12:42 pm pdt/1:42 pm mdt/ 2:42 pm cdt/ 3:42 pm edt] where normal forward motion returns.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [8:19 pm pdt/ 9:19 pm mdt/ 10:19 pm cdt/ 11:19 pm edt] is a mental limitation, or need to work with something one step at a time, saturn’s way.

MOON TRINE MARS [11:56 pm pdt/ 12:56 am late night mdt/ 1:56 am cdt late night/ 2:56 am edt late night]

July 15, 2018 – Third day in Solar Eclipse Shift Portal

eclipses-434338_640The first three days within the aura of the Solar Eclipse, are the most powerful for change. This usually takes place with the places that “need change,” getting “shaken up.” There is often a certain amount of chaos, and need to “keep moving,” to “go with the changes,” to keep adjusting and moving with the changes. We always “know,” instinctively, and/or intuitively what to do in the moment–because our bodies are designed that way!

Eclipses require vigilance and can give great gifts or take lives. Right now we are between two eclipses, the next one at the coming FULL MOON.

MOON enters Virgo [10:31 am pdt/ 11:31 am mdt/ 12:31 pm cdt/ 1:31 pm edt] this morning, grounding the chaos of the changes going on now. Virgo is a master of details and can harness almost any chaos.

juggler-1216853_640MOON TRINE URANUS [2:21 pm pdt/ 3:21 pm mdt/ 4:21 pm cdt/ 5:21 pm edt] is one of our miracle moments. Along with the opening portal and shifting energies of the eclipse, this TRINE offers an opening for “miracle consciousness,” things that “appear out of the unknown,” and a natural flow to our consciousness from “behind the veil,” to “in front of the veil.”

MOON TRINE SATURN [5:55 pm pdt/ 6:55 pm mdt/ 7:55 pm cdt/ 8:55 pm edt] Saturn in her home sign of Capricorn, adds to the first trine to form a GRAND TRINE in EARTH. This is very sweet earth energy. There is grace and there is grounding today, a welcome energy amidst the wild ecilpse energies!

cat-691175_640MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [9:35 pm pdt/ 10:35 pm mdt/ 11:35 pm cdt/ 12:35 am late night edt] is a feminine aspect of art, beauty and another emphasis on the grace of today. Virgo loves to have Venus in her sign. It makes cleaning a beautiful experience, and there is a lot of detail in how she does love.

Blessings to all in this third day in the Solar Eclipse in Cancer Portal of shifting. May we shift well.

July 14, 2018 – Creative Communications after the silent eclipse

flower-CrackedDirtThis morning, we are still in the grounding aura of SATURN TRINE VENUS, (exact yesterday), providing a little island of stability in a potentially tumultuous eclipse-rapidly-changing-time.

MOON in fiery leo, rising out of a rebirth, new moon eclipse late thursday eve. Leo has a pure passion, an essential truth that comes rising out of shakey, earthquakey territory. Eclipses shake things up to settle them down more healthfully.

lion-1207313_640This lion MOON SQUARES JUPITER, expander of self, expander of comfort zones, expander of whatever we’ve always wanted in life, but didn’t think it would ever come, arriving, requiring us to “do the real soulwork.”

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [4:12 pm pdt/ 5:12 pm mdt/ 6:12 pm cdt/ 7:12 pm edt] in Leo, sends MOON into a meditational, mental-genius void.sunset-1331088_640This is a great void for meditation to organize a lot of chaos, in the realm of information, as we all deal with every day and ongoing. Mercury can manage the chaos.